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January 7, 2021     Lovell Chronicle
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January 7, 2021

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4 l The Lovell Chronicle l Janua 7, 2021 better way to each in 2021 As turn page on what has frankly, a brutal 2020, appears to some new optimism in air. Perhaps it’s the feeling as years go, can’t get much worse. Maybe it’s the realization that the most divisive election in memory will soon be officially over. Or maybe it’s our natural tendency to look for the light at end of the tunnel, even if that tunnel seems quite long and light is an oncoming train. It’s hard to think of New Year’s resolutions when we’re all sick and tired of being sick and tired, but here’s one worth considering: Be kind. Be civil. Treat each other with respect. Listen. Turn other cheek. Be patient. Tamp down that feeling of anger when it starts to build. And forgive — without conditions. We are coming off several years of incredibly divisive rhetoric coming from the highest offices of the land, with our national lead- ers lashing out and engaging in vicious name-calling and demoniza- tion. Now, of course, we cannot change what others say and do, es- pecially in Washington, but we can control how we react to' them and how we, ourselves, treat others. It starts right here at home. Turn off the cable news channel and talk radio opinion shock hosts who make their money bystirring the pot and engaging in endless rants against “the other side.” Listening to some of them, you’d think their political opponents are the very Devil himself. Don’t buy into it. Turn it off. , Don’t fall for the “us vs. them” blather on social media. It is tempting to categorize people and place them in neat little boxes, then attack those who supposedly aren’t in your corner. But what good does that do? Does it really make you feel better? Seriously? Yes, we know that human beings are wired to group together and seek alliances. It’s in our DNA. It’s tribal. But does it have to be “in your face, suckerl?” We’re not asserting that folks disengage and become passive. Bgtwegari (be both strong and respectful. p , =4" , “5 [fwhasbeen anything bUt respethul.‘lndeed, b o'Wing has became an art form: in our country. A recent example took place on Monday in Cheyenne when the leader of a group protesting Governor Gordon’s mask order and COVlD-19 re- strictions attacked the governor during the rally, calling him a tyrant and declaring that he should be a one-term governor. The organizer, an outgoing legislator and a Baptist minister, said Gordon is killing Wyoming and should resign. A state senator called the governor a criminal, and a woman in the crowd called him a traitor. Gordon is a kind, thoughtful man trying to steer Wyoming through a terrible pandemic while listening to health experts and doing the best he can. Even if you disagree with him, he doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment. But that’s what we do, don’t we? We tear down those we don’t agree with. We are living through tough, stressful times. It has been a ter— rible 10 months. We have all suffered to a certain degree. Each of us knows someone who has died or become terribly sick from COVID-19. . But the one thing we can do is lower the volume by taking a deep breath, suppressing anger and treating each other with kind- ness. It is always risky to quote a religious text in a secular newspa- per, but perhaps each of us, whatever our faith, can benefit from the Prayer of St. Francis, which reads, in part: “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace, that where there is hatred, I may bring love; that where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness; that where there is discord, I may bring har- mony; that where there is error, I may bring truth; that where there is doubt, I may bring faith; that where there is despair, I may bring hope; that where there are shadows, I may bring light; that where there is sadness, I may bringjoy.” Words to live by during dark times. May 2021 be a far better year than the year past. We must all do our part. WYOMING — PRESS ASSOCIATION MEMBER 2020 2019 AWard—wlnnlng Newspaper Postmaster: Send address changes to: The Lovell Chronicle, USPS 321-060 234 E. Main, Lovell, Wyoming 82431 307-548-2217 Published every Thursday Periodical postage paid at Lovell, Wyoming Publisher/Editor: David Peck — David Peck Reporter: Ryan Fitzmaurice Production: Karlie Hammond Advertising Sales: Kristin Owens Staff: Dorothy Nelson,Teressa Ennis, Sam Smith, Annette Moss www.Love||Chronic|e.com CHRONlCLE \\ §§\\\\\\ 1.; /, .. a”: v Letter to the Editor YA KNO NEW YEARS AIN'T WHAT IT USED ' \ .0 “' k \\\\\\\ J; . \‘ YA KNOWW NEITHERARE \\\\\ Can we forgive leaders who have wronged us? Dear Editor, Can we forgive? Do as I say, not as I do. This has been the prevailing theme of 2020 as pro— paganda officers of all shapes and sizes openly violate the laws and recommendations they ad- vocate for. They assure us they are aware of what is happening. We do not. They are busy bodies for sure, but their heads are buried in the sand. While they hold on to their jobs and lifestyles, their propaganda brings economic devastations, fear and despair to others. Before we can forgive, we need to hear from our leaders that they were wrong, that, in— deed, the cure is worse than the disease. That the zoom meetings cannot address depressions and the needs for people to inter— act. That it is money earned, not given, that brings people pride, hope and peace. we can and will forgive. First, our leaders need to acknowledge the mistakes they made. May 2021 be the year we celebrate life. Genevieve Briand Byron Letter the Editor Liberal takeover is bad for Wyoming Dear Editor, What is going on in our coun— try? A so-called president—elect in a stolen election. Biden fore— casts a dark winter. If Biden is confirmed president we will have a dark winter guaranteed. COVID—19, which we under— stand now and can deal with. We are shutting down every small business, mandatin behav— ior and controlling t e people. Is any of this working? No! We know who is venerable and who isn’t. Let us get along with our lives. Wh when our so-called great lea ers are away from the 'camera, they don’t wear masks, eat in restaurants and have large gatherings. Biden is touting climate con— trol. With green energy we will be subject to intermittent pow— er and more control of our lives. Your home will be subject to government mandates. Nev— er mind 14,000 years ago more or less what is now Missoula, Mont., was under 988 feet of wa— ter under ancient Lake Missou- la. Salt Lake City was under wa— ter by ancient Lake Bonneville. Our northern border was under a mile-thick sheet of ice. What happened? The climate warmed, the climate became drier. Cli— mate change that has been hap- pening since Earth’s beginning. Climate change is going to hap— pen period. If Democrats get control of' our health care, what is to stop them from near total control of the people? If you don’t eat their: way or exercise their way you don’t get health care. Have guns? Turn them in. It is what the Democrats want. Don’t worry about our leaders. They will have plenty of armed protection. I am much afraid our very liberal so—called governor Gor— don will go along with Biden’s every plan. After oil, gas and coal are shut down, where will the good jobs come from? Don’t worry. Governor Gordon will get paid. Owen C. Wantulok Presidents tend to have short last names Test Yourself: Q1. What epidem- ic ended when Dr. John Snow shut down a London water pump in 1854? Q2. When was the last time a living US. President did not at— tend the inauguration of his successor? Q3. What is in— scribed on the 18th step of the Colorado State Cap- itol in Denver that geographers love? Q4. In what sport do the Los Angeles Sparks and the New York Libert compete? Q . Who was the last US. President to have more than sev— en letters in his last name? Fun Facts: In the 18303 J. Daniel Craig would go toHalifax, Canada, and wait for a ship from London. He wOuld buy every newspaper from Europe and get on the fastest ship to New York City. He would write headlines and 100—word stories on tiny slips of paper and tie them to pigeons. When rims: BEN 1' cm H Tllllllll By John Bemhisel the he was a day from Boston or New York City he would release the pigeons to car- ry the news. He could scoop the other pa— and increase sales by millions. According to Roll— ing Stone Magazine greatest movie soundtrack of all time was Help! by the Beatles in 1965. Susan Eloise Hinton wrote the book "The Outsiders" when she was 16 years old. It was based on two rival gangs in her high school called the Greasers and the Socs. She empathized with the Greasers and wanted to write a book from their perspec- tive. Her publisher suggested she use the initials S.E. so readers would not dismiss a book written by a woman. The Outsiders has sold 15 million copies. Maria Theresa was born in 1717 and became the only female ' Empress of the Holy Roman Em- pire. At one time she ruled almost half of Europe. She also bore 16 pers by several hours’ children in 19 ears. Her young- est daughter tzecame the most famous: Maria Antonia married the French Prince at age 14. He became King Louis XVI and she took the French name Marie An- toinette. Sadly they lost their heads in the French Revolution. Branches of science are sometimes called hard or soft. The “hard sciences” are physics, chemistry, biology and others that can be measured with re- cision. Psychology and socio ogy are examples of ‘soft sciences.’ Answers: A1. Cholera (At least 500 people had died by drinking, the infected water.) A2. 1869 - Johnson did not attend Grant’s. (Also the Adams didn’t attend 1801 and 1829) A3. One Mile Above Sea Level — 5,280 feet. A4. Basketball (They are Women’s teams that have com— peted since 1997 in the WNBA.) A5. Eisenhower (Kenne— dy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Car— ter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump) Follow me @triviafrenzy YEP. I DEFlNlTELY TOOK A WRONG TURN.