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March 1, 2012     Lovell Chronicle
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March 1, 2012

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CHRONICLE Ions 4 I The Lovell Chronicle I March 1, 2012 Guest columns Letters to the editor How to get your dirt dishes washed U.S. government: Get Received a phone call the other day from an old friend of mine whom I haven't talked to in years. Ignotin called (yes, that's his real name) and we spent a while chat- ting about old times. When I mentioned my story about how to defrost a freezer, he laughed and reminded me about a few of the things that happened when we used to be roommates many moons ago. Back in those days, we used to make soup from scratch, not from a can. Well, good ol' Ignotin decided one winter day to make some bean soup so he filled a pot full of water, added raw beans and covered them up to set for a day or two. Come about a week or so later, and that there pot was sure putting out a horrible odor. So I did what any person would do and took care of it -- but more about that later. When springtime rolled around, Ignotin would get on his scooter, aka Iron Horse, aka Gold Wing 1000 motorcycle, and go for cruises. He came back from one such cruise with his girlfriend and they made themselves a full meal using just about every pot and pan and all the dishes in the house. After they ate, they piled 'em up in the sink and off they went. Come a week or two later and there they still sat. It seems that Ignotin was expecting me to do the dishes and since I contributed one plate I was deter- mined to watch him do them. When day 30 arrived, the kitchen was getting pretty rank from the smell, so I decided it was again time to do something. As I laid prone on the couch reading the Sunday funnies (I never understood why they waste all that paper writing all them there other stories about all the bad in the world) Ignotin Gary Noth Sweet Noth-ings came down the stairs from his room and gave a 'hey." I 'hey'd' back and he head- ed through the kitchen towards the back door to go for a cruise. When he saw the kitchen was all spic and span, he stopped, turned around and said, "Hey, I see ya cleaned the kitchen." You can see that nothing gets past Ignotin, so I said, "yep" and he heads out the back door. Upon stepping outside he stops, turns around and says, "Hmmm, I see ya did em the easy way." I again gave my usual "yep" and off he went. He returned about an hour or two later with his lady and they proceeded to pick all the dishes up out of the back yard. He came in laughing and said how he was hoping I'd do 'em and how he decided to see how long they sat there before I caved and I told him I had decided that since I only used one dish, nope, they were all his. As they were about done cleaning the back yard of pots and pans and dishes, I heard an "Oh, man, that stinks!" Ignotin came in again laughing as he apparently found his pot of beans from last winter. "I forgot all about them and wondered what hap- pened to 'em." I laughed and told him that once they got to stinkin' I had put them out back in the snow, as I hate to waste food. I thought cleaning the refrigerator's freezer out with a garden hose was fun, but I have to tell ya, them there dishes sure did make nice Frisbees that day and as it ended up I didn't even have to wash 'em. Plus, the kitchen was once again fit for us hu- mans. I guess that's why they invented paper plates - to keep the peace between roommates. Extremely orief snow bird outing Time now for Baby-sitting II, the slightly soggy story (because it rained in sunny Southern California for around two hours one day) of yet another trip to Oceanside, Calif., to take care of a strick- en granddaughter. As she's only 6 there were worries about scarlet fever and strep throat; plus, her morn just started a job and was concerned about losing it if she called in sick for several days. So offI went by air: Billings to SeaTac who's 9, joined us in the chorus of, "Why didn't you tell us while we in the town with restrooms all over the place?" The younger sister's response was, "Well, I didn't have to go until we got on the free- way." Right. Down the road we pulled off and stopped at a Sears store. The park- ing lot was nearly full. When our daugh- ter came back with the little one she was frazzled, reporting that the store was hav- ing a 75-percent-off sale so the place was out of my bedroom Dear Editor, There is no free sex in the world. There is always a cost: health, pregnancy, abortion. For me, I have six daughters and seven sons, and one wonder- ful woman (wife) and all are con- tributors to society. There is no greater joy than to hold a new- born baby in your arms when they take hold of your finger or reach out to touch your face, say- ing "thank you," "I love you" and "please love me." If a man and woman want to engage in casual sex, both should share in the cost for birth control, not the government or any of its agencies. To prevent pregnancy from occurring the man should be respectful, responsible and, above all, accountable. If he impregnates a woman, he should be responsi- ble for the baby and mother. Be a man, not a male contributor. If abortion is done or needed, the woman needs love and sup- port of family and friends. The man, in my opinion, needs to face up to his responsibility as a man and be accountable for the abor- tion. The government wants to control the population by selec- tive breeding based on IQ, looks and talent. Do not be taken in. This has been done again and again throughout the world and has failed every time. Do not let it happen here in the U.S. To do this they, the government, prey on women in the worst possible way by cheapening their status as a human being. Woman is God's greatest gift to mankind. Roger Hiser County needs to show they can maintain what they have before building new Dear Editor, I read with interest the news that the county wants to build an indoor arena at the fairgrounds. The question everyone should be asking is, Why? The county is going to use $100,000 in county consensus money and maybe get another $50,000 from the Daniels Fund. Perhaps some of the wealthy peo- ple living in Big Horn County would like to donate the remain- ing funds for this wanted but cer- tainly not needed project. The allocated by the Legislature; it is undesignated in that the state is not telling us how to spend it. It is the responsibility of the elect- ed officials to make good decisions about the best way to use these funds. Surely one of the nine incor- porated towns or 73 special tax districts in the county could bet- ter utilize these funds. The county is being fiscally ir- responsible in promoting the con- struction of a new building when we have not been able to maintain to San Diego. But first, as many travel- Bob shoulder-to-shoulder. But the restroom more responsible use of county ers know: Lovell to Billings by car, lav .... Rodriguez was available ....... , ..... money would be to fix the existing ing quite early to be aboard a flight that :' The San Diego area is:full of f011s: 'flr0blems we have instead of put- boards at 5:30 a.m. All went well, and so running around (actually  running, nV . thg up a new building. is the child at this point now that I've returned from my six-day outing. It is so good to be back home in Lovell because my hometown of San Diego keeps growing and grow- ing. There are way too many people down there. Ac- tually, the freeways and even the larger surface streets are gridlocked. But no one will admit it. And the price of gasoline: the cheapest I could find was $3.86 per gallon and that was at one of the stations where you pay cash, no charges. The major stations were charging in the vicinity of $4.15 per gallon. So I stayed out of their vicinity. Traffic was so bad on Presidents Day that it took us 90 minutes to travel less than 30 miles on Interstate 5 from Oceanside to San Clemente. Our daughter knows a "good hamburger joint" there so we went. The burgers were super good, so they were pretty much worth the drive. Especially because she drove. We then moved on to Capistrano, but the streets were so crowded that it took a long time to drive a few blocks, turn around and get back to I-5. The place was packed not only with people but with cafes, drive-throughs, service stations and conve- nience stores. Then as soon as we finally made it onto the lanes for southbound I-5 travel, our 6-year-old announced that she had to use a toilet "right now!" Her sister, Letter to the editor just strolling) in shorts and T-shirts. Especially around the beaches, but also in every neighbor- hood. Many of the runners are equipped with de- vices to measure their pulses, temperatures, times and who knows what all. And there are lots of bi- cyclists. Way too healthy down there. Of course, with warmer temperatures most of the time, it's easy to see why they want to be fit. So that they can wear clothing that shows off their physiques, I think. There also is the aspect of so many restaurants down south that one can obtain about any style of food from a wide variety of countries. And there are more fast food restaurants than I could count. So I guess that people have to exercise a lot because they keep trying all the different food. I have to ad- mit that I made a stab at it myself. The trip was what I would call a working vaca- tion, but still fun, especially being with family and being of help. After staying in that SoCal weather I decided that it's nice to be warm, but it's even bet- ter to come home no matter what the temperature. This was brought home (pun mostly intended) upon landing in Billings at close to midnight last Sun- day. With memories of sunny days I stepped into 27-degree weather with a chill wind blowing. But the San Diego memories will help keep me warm. Let the people decide on an indoor arena assured of receiving. If the exist- ing facilities are in need of re- pair and there is enough money to make those repairs then that would be the most sensible plan. The maintenance on a newer, bigger building would put quite a dent in an already over-ex- tended budget. Maybe this should be put be- fore the general public for a vote as it appears that the Fair Board is not unanimous on this deci- sion. Denise Ellison Burlington County Commissioners and Fair Board: Big Horn County Fair is one week during the entire year! Why would an indoor are- na be a necessary expense? This is a gross misuse of funding, funding which you are not even Postmaster: Send address changes to: The Lovell Chronicle, USPS 321-060 234 E. Main, Lovell, Wyoming 82431 (307) 548-2217 Published every Thursday 2011 MEMBER 2010 AWARD-WINNING NEWSPAPER SUBSCRIPTION RATES In Big Horn and Park Counties $28 In Wyoming $40 Outside Wyoming $45 Single copy 75 Periodical postage paid at Lovell, Wyoming Editor and Publisher: David Peck www.lovellchronicle.com How many people in the coun- ty will benefit from an indoor arena that would primarily be used for one week out of the en- tire year? I would guess less than 5 percent, so should this be a pri- ority project? Really, is an indoor area the best use of these monies? I sincerely doubt it. Consensus funding is money the existing buildings at the fair- grounds. It doesn't make sense to ask WYDOT ibgant money to fix the bathroom'when the coun- ty has $100,000 to spend on proj- ects in the county. It would be a good idea for concerned citizens to contact the commissioners and fair board members and ask them to exercise fiscal constraints and common sense when spending public money. Linda Harp Basin Mustang Days needs help or events will be cancelled Dear Editor, The time has come again for the Lovell Mustang Days com- mittee to begin planning for this year's events. The meetings are held at least monthly for the first few months and then as we grow closer to June they are scheduled every two weeks. Our next meet- ing is March 20 at 6:30 p.m. at the Big Horn Federal Bank; everyone is welcome to come to these meet- ings. As last year's chairman I must say that I was very disap- pointed in the participation of our community with this time-hon- ored week of events. The Lovell Mustang Days have been around for over 100 years. We risk hav- ing events canceled because of lack of help! Last year I ran ads in the paper, put up flyers, talked to people and even begged for vol- unteers. I know that volunteer- ing for events as big as this one can be very frightening. However, sometimes we only need someone for an hour here or there. Or even just helping with making calls or selling Follies tickets. The com- mitment can be as large or as small as you are comfortable with. When someone volunteers we try to match them with what they are interested in doing and what they are comfortable with doing. Everything that is planned, orga- nized, scheduled and done is all volunteer work. Last year the volunteers that assisted were awesome. I can't thank the people of Lovell who helped enough. Many devoted long hours to the events while others were only able to give but a few hours. All was appreciated and welcomed. I had volunteers that have assisted in some way for 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years with Lovell Mustang Days. They have spent countless hours and years helping to make this week- long event wonderful for all. We are in need of more. Everyone wants to come to the events and have fun, but the committee is in need of assistance to make the Lovell Mustang Days an event to enjoy for everyone. As chairman, I cannot tell you the countless hours that I worked to get the week organized and make it a fun-filled week for ev- eryone to attend -- hours that I was willing to do, but hours that would have made things easier if more volunteers would have been available. We try to have events that will appeal to the young and the old. We have a lot of events that are free to participate in and other events that are at a low cost so that people are able to attend as well. The first committee meeting was held last week with only five people attending. Each year these events are participated in by hun- dreds of people. Many from our community and many who travel here come to the events and en- joy the fun. This year we may be at risk of canceling several events because there is nobody to help with the event. The free concert on Monday night has had low at- tendance and still requires vol- unteers to make it happen. The Family Fun Night, which was a huge success last year, may have to be canceled this year, as well as the Mustang BBQ, which every- one loves, and even the parade, which is the oldest time-honored event of the week. We need volunteers of all ages and willing to help with anything. If we don't get them we may not have all the events that we all en- joy so much. Is this how our Lovell Mustang Days will end? Linda Mangus, Chairman, Lovell Mustang Days Committee