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April 22, 2010     Lovell Chronicle
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April 22, 2010

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4 1 The Lovell Chronicle I April 22, 2010 www. LovellChronicle.com Freedom of speech at UW The University of Wyoming has gotten itself into quite a pickle with a recent decision to cancel a campus visit by 1960s radical William Ayers. Now a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Ayers was scheduled to speak on campus April 5, delivering a lecture entitled "Trudge toward Freedom: Moral Commitment and Ethical Action." He was then to par- ticipate in a teleconference with Wyoming school principals on April 6. Ayers was invited to speak as part of a biannual lecture series sponsored by the University of Wyoming Social Jus- tice Research Center, a privately-endowed organization. No public funds were being used to pay for Ayers' visit. But Ayers has become a lightning rod for controversy. He helped found the militant left-wing terrorist group the Weather Underground, which protested the Vietnam War by bombing government buildings in the late 1960s, includ- ing the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol. (Nobody was killed in the bombings.) He then leapt back into the spotlight two years ago when he was linked to Democratic presidential candidate, now President, Barack Obama by Obama's oppo- nents and conservative activists. When firestorm of controversy arose as word spread about Ayers' impending visit to Laramie, the Social Justice Research Center cancelled his visit, citing security concerns. But clearly politics and money also played a role in the can- cellation. Politicians and university officials were bombard- ed by calls and e-mails protesting the Ayers visit, some of which reportedly threatened to cut off funding to the univer- sity. At first it looked like the controversy would blow over, but last week UW student Meg Lanker and Ayers sued the university, saying that the university had violated their con- stitutional right to free speech by not only cancelling the visit but also banning Ayers from speaking at any campus venue. When Lanker and the Secular Student Alliance cam- pus group tried to re-schedule the Ayers lecture in the UW Classroom Building, she was told by a university attorney that she would not be able to rent any UW facility for the Ayers lecture. Ayers is now planning to lecture in Laramie on April 28 at an off-campus location, unless an injunction is granted to force the unNersity:to at hi M Ecce. one thing should be perfecti'] clear: it was just plain dumb of the Social Justice Research Center to schedule Ayers in the first place. Other universities have cancelled scheduled Ayers visits, and clearly this visit simply wasn't going to wash with most Wyoming people. Surely the Center could have found someone else equally as qualified to speak on "moral commitment and ethical action" as the former, unrepentant bomber, who in 2001 wrote in a letter to the New York Times: "In light of the indiscriminate murder of millions of Vietnamese, we showed remarkable restraint." Instead, they picked the radi- cal whose name everybody knows. Didn't they see this coming? But once Ayers was invited to speak, it made UW look bad to cancel the visit, whether the decision was ultimate- ly made by university officials (who deny doing so) or the Social Justice Research Center. Why? Because the decision smacks of hypocricy. When native son and former Vice President Dick Cheney appeared on campus in September when UW dedicated the Cheney International Center (spurred by Dick and Lynne Cheney's $3.2 million gift) in his honor, several students and left-wing activists protested the visit, but in that case, the university stood on principle. In an opinion piece issued to Wyoming media, UW Presi- dent Tom Buchanan wrote: "Whether you are Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, Catholic or Protestant, gay or straight, white or black, you are welcome at the Uni- versity of Wyoming. Should we subject potential donors and the purpose of their gift to public referendum? I think not." In other words, academic freedom and free speech are upheld at the University of Wyoming - unless big donors and politicians come calling - at least that's how it looks to the outside world. It might have been better for UW to stick to their guns, weather the political storm, allow the inevitable protests and forge ahead. Other controversial figures have spoken at UW in the past with nary a peep of protest. Let's be clear: the decision to invite Ayers in the first place showed an incredible lack of judgment by the Social Justice Research Center, but the decision to pull Ayers' invi- tation under political pressure is also troubling. On the other hand, the citizens of Wyoming clearly have the right to ex- press their opinion about the activities of our publicly-fund- ed university and have done so in spades. And if activists can protest Dick Cheney, who gave gen- erously to his alma mater, as if to say, "We don't want him on campus," it seems equally hypocritical of them to sue when the people of Wyoming make their collective voices heard and demand that a different speaker not speak on campus. Let's hope this can be a learning experience for all. If nothing else, students at UW are realizing that the world is complicated and that it's worth standing up for what you believe in, whichever side of the political aisle you stand on. --David Peck THI00M WITH TH' SUPPLY CAN I00EMANP WHAT THEY LIKE! ! Letter to the editor Murpheys thank everyone for support Dear Editor, We would like to thank every- one for their prayers, support and care after CJ's track accident. Special thanks to Jim Min- chow for coming to Powell ER and donating money for travel expens- es to Denver and setting up an ac- count for our boys at home at Min- chow's while Scott and I were in Denver. To Dale Walker for getting Scott's car to him and money for travel. To Kenna and Tommi for rushing to Denver. Thanks to Bob Mangus, Melis- sa Wolvington, Allen and Elaine Harvey, Becky Hetland and the NBHH EMT's, Genielle Brown, Jeanette Ohman and David and Susan Peck for making sure our boys were taken care of with food donations. To Jon and Jake for taking such good care of Trace. Special thanks to the LMS staff, students and staff at LES, Dale and Daphne Hartman and Mel and Jen McArthur and their amazing children for money do- nations for medical expenses. To Mrs: Hinckley's fifth-grade class and LMS track team for making the great cards. Thanks to Powell EMS, ER and Denver Children's Hospital for the excellent care that you gave CJ. The outpouring of love, care, and the power of prayer from our community has been overwhelm- ing and greatly appreciated. Scott, Shelley, CJ, Jon, Jake and Trace Lovell's biggest blood drive I am not sure you are all aware of what happened on April 7, 2010, but I am about to tell you: Lovell had its biggest blood drive ever. I want to take this opportuni- ty to thank those that came and participated and those that tried. You arethe ones that made it all possible. The disappointing part of that is we only had 54 people and 59 units of blood. For Lovell, Cowley, Byron, Deaver and Frannie, that is kind of disappointing to me. I would like to put a challenge out there for our communities. The next blood drive is June 2, 2010. I would like to ask that we get more people to try to donate blood. I am sure we have more people in our communities that have it in them to save a life or three. If people only knew how important it was and how many people counted on blood drives like our community drive. So come on and give it a try, I am challengiig ou all to make a difference. : Shauna Hillman Guest column We cannot let f'reedom be denie00t BY GENIELLE BROWN Everyone who knows me well knows what a dunce I am at the Internet. Computer smarts is not what I have ... NO WAY! I'm bothering the TCT WEST techni- cal crew all the time, bless their souls. So why do I spend so much of my precious time computing? Because once in a blue moon I get something that is really good, one of which I received this week. The author is unknown, which is one of my pet peeves: anonymous always raises my curiosity and I wonder why people don't have the courage to sign their name to their works. So...my comput- er guru went searching, and she found that the site where it was first printed was a post of Reu- ters, Jan. 27, by a reader identify- ing himself as 02BNTEXAS: "The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry ca- pable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. The problem is much deeper and far more se- rious that Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the price of fools should not blind anyone to the vast con- federacy of fools that made him their prince..." Look it up if you want it all. At first, I thought this was correct, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that they were not fools, but a very well organized group of intellectu- ally smart, but spiritually foolish , anti-Americans who awakened those who don't understand the genius of our founding fathers to the possibilities of getting some- thing for nothing. I bet I get a rise out of someone for writing this, but Mr. Obama is just a puppet doing in his inept way the things that he is told to do. Yes, a very dangerous thing for our blessed America, but we have been going down this grad- ual path for over a century. And most the world is already there. There have always been the so- cialists of Europe, right from the start of our republic, who have in- fluenced some of the most wealthy of this country to want more than money, since they have all of that which they need. Power and con- trol have been the watchwords of that society, not love of their fel- low men and help for the poor. Goodness, if they really loved the poor, they could have given from their hearts and bank ac- counts out of fellowship and love, not from the public treasury in Washington, and not to have their names on hospitals, libraries, etc. Okay...I do concede that they have done some good. But you watch as the winding up scene occurs, who the real statesmen and benefac- tors will be. Not those who want to change the world for their own luxury and pleasure. So what can we peons do to help this situation without being looked at as constitutional radi- cals? How many of you have tak- en the time to read the Constitu- tion, or the 5000 Year Leap, or The Survivors Club, or The Bible. Or even the Communist Manifes- to, all about the utopia that will come after all those against it are out of the picture. Who was it that said, "I will be like the most high God" and use force to do it? Breathe easy! That will nev- er happen, but there are things we can do to see that it does not. There are groups throughout America, not only in churches, who are setting their alarms for seven o'clock MDT every evening to stop and say a prayer for our beloved country. As Billy Graham said, "To get nations back on their feet, we must first get down on our knees." Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and we now have those who will make us slaves. He said, "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and, under a just God, cannot long re- tain it." Years ago, I heard Ronald Reagan say, "Peace is the highest aspiration of the American Peo- ple. We will negotiate for it, sacri- fice for it; we will never surrender for it, now or ever." I really hope that it true for us today! ............. Letters to th e ........ editor .............. ...... The Lovell Chronicle welcomes letters from its ......................................... readers and will rnake every effort to print::them Letters ............. longer than 400 words may not be printed. Letters must be .... signed and include the:addreSs and teleph0ne number of the writer, Unsigned letters will be ........... discarded. Writers are limited to two letters in any 30 day:period: ............. All letters rnust conform to the law of libel and be in good ............ taste. 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