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June 9, 2011     Lovell Chronicle
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June 9, 2011

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41 The Lovell Chronicle I June 9, 2011 www.LovellChronicle.com Bill Powell rll never forget the day former Chronicle publisher Pat Schmidt in- troduced me to Bill Powell. I was just a kid, really, 24 years old and was assuming the reins of the Chronicle from Pat. He was tak- ing me around town to meet vari- ous people. Pat took me to Bill Powell store where I met a man with an amaz- ing presence that I've rarely seen David Peck in anyone else, an air of grace, pride, gentleness of spirit and good humor. He wore a suit, and his shoes were perfectly polished. I knew I had met a true gentleman: We quickly became friends. Bill loved to show me the photographs he took as a photo reconnaissance pilot during World War II, flying his unarmed, lightly- armored P-38 behind enemy lines for pre-mission sur- veillance or post-mission bomb damage assessment and the like. I loved airplanes, and I loved to talk about them with Bill and Iookat the photos. His shots of Nor- mandy Beach just before D-Day were nothing short of amazing. When you walked into Bill and Lucy store, you were treated like a king, Bill and Lucy came from the day when customers were placed on a pedestal. Bill had a special touch. I think he wrote the book on cus- tomer service. Bill had a twinkle in his eye. He told Henny Young- man-style jokes, groaners that made you cringe and laugh all at the same. And he loved the same kind of jokes from others. I remember him quoting with de- light the time George Oswald walked into his store and said, "Bill, has anybody ever told you what a swell guy you are?" '3X/hy, no," Bill replied, modestly. "Seer' George replied and walked out the door. It is not an overstatement to say that Bill Powell was a hero - a member of the Greatest Generation that won the war and then built America into an even more powerful nation. I can name many more people made of the same fabric from Lovell and north Big Horn County, but Bill was certa.inly a shining example. There were so very many acets to IiJl Powell - his hard-working upbringing, his military career, his long service to his community and his church, his leadership in economic development, his long tenure as a busi- nessman on Main Street, his love of the trumpet and his development of the Mustang Band and the Dollies of the Follies - Lovell unofficial ambassadors - and his unwavering patriotism and dedication to veterans that led him to organize Memorial Day and Veterans Day services for many, many years. Bill was all of those things and more, but what I re- ally appreciated about Bill was his loyalty to and his pride in his country and his community. His feelings were summed up in a statement he made many years ago and quoted in this newspaper: "I've lived in a wonderful country and had a won- derful time. I've raised a family and am proud of each and every one of them. I'm proud to be an American with the blessings and freedoms we enjoy. We're free to travel, free to work in a place we want to work. We have freedom of speech, clean air, clean water, a won- derful food supply supplied by wonderful farmers. We are a blessed people." That pride filled BillLs heart and should be an exam- ple to all of us. Bill Powell died May 26 at the age of 88. He was sharp of mind and full of spirit to the end. We will miss Bill Powell and those like him. He was a great and kind man. Letters to the editor The Lovell Chronicle welcomes letters from its readers and will make every effort to print them. Letters longer than 400 words may not be printed. Letters must be signed and include the address and telephone number of the writer, Unsigned letters will be discarded. Writers are limited to two letters in any 30 day period. All letters must conform to the law of libel and be in good taste. They may be mailed to The Lovell Chronicle, Box 787, Lovell0 WY 8243 I, or delivered to our office at 234 E. Main St., Lovell. A strict 1:00 p.m. Tuesday deadline will be enforced. o Letters to the editor A great tradition to keep graduates safe Dear Editor: Our area business owners, schools, town governments and citizens should be very proud of themselves. The Lovell and Rocky Seniors for 2011 had a safe and fun filled graduation celebration because of the generosity of these entities and citizens of our area. There were 74 young adults that graduated from our high schools this year and 72 attended the Grad Night Out celebrations. Wow, what a turnout for prob- ably the last night they will all be together. We all know that on re- unions 5, 10 or 20 years from now, some just can't make the day work. The Grad Night Out par- ties are realistically the last time these kids will be together and to keep them safe and entertained through the night is something special that our area has done for years. The great thing about our cit- izens is that it didn't take a car wreck with injured or killed young people for us to act. We have done this for 25 years and we were pro- active instead of reactive for the safety of our area youth. This year our senior classes both donated money to Grad Night Out as well as participated in our fund raising car wash. That really shows just how much our area se- niors support and want to contin- ue these parties. The businesses and citizens again were very gen- erous in their donations and even with the difficult time we are hav- ing with the economy we reached the goal for our youth. There are many, many people to thank and I would be afraid to miss someone, but you know who you are. I would however like to give a pat on the back to Geor- gette Lewis and Colleen Tippetts. These two "young ladies" spend hundreds of hours planning and plotting these parties trying to come up with new and interest- ing ways to entertain our seniors. They know if they fail the seniors won't come so they are under con- stant pressure to outdo last year's parties. I'm very happy to report they always manage to top them- selves each and every year. Again we should all take a minute and thank all of those that help put these parties on for our seniors. From those that donate their time, money and support we appreciate and need each of you to make these nights successful. Without each and everyone of you I would be afraid to think of what may happen to someone's gradu- ating son or daughter. We live in a very special place where it does take a village to raise a child! Thank You All, Nick Lewis Grad Night Out Committee Ditches in Lovell well described Dear Editor, Joyce Kay Goodrich has just published a children's book, "There's Water in the Ditch!" I just read it to my great-grandchil- dren. They loved the colorful pic- tures and fun story. Lovell's pioneer history is clev- erly remembered as she describes the need for irrigation ditches and the digging of canals by, of course, her own grandfather, Reuben All- phin. Prairie schooners, sugar beets, storms, flooding and a sur- prise ending make this a book in- teresting for both children and adults. In the 1930s and 1940s the ditch was practically part of our front yard on Montana Avenue. We were entertained by the wa- ter skippers, boat races, mud pies and Indian soap. In later years a Cody boyfriend drove right into the ditch when he came calling... how embarrassing! My thanks go out to Joyce Kay for reminding me what fun it was to splash in Lovell's ditches before public swimming pools be- came the norm. Joy McCaffrey Marostica Colorado City, Colo. Our nation is in grave danger Dear Editor, Bin Laden is dead. Killed by U.S. forces. That is all we need to know. SEAL Team 6 has been harmed, as well as their families. Put in the danger for the sake of... what?? We know and everyone else in the world knows where they train and, in some cases, where they live. The technology that we have is also available to our enemies. Why was this information published to all of the world?? For a few days of glory in print and on airways? I would encourage all people to study the Islam radical move- ment and learn first hand the grave danger our nation and peo- ple are in. We need strong, honest people as elected officials. Men, women, white, black and all col- ors in between. Sex and color do not matter if they are honest, only their strength to do right. Get in- volved! Roger Hiser Freedom through strength A free people will be prosperous. But [ prosperity invariably attracts greediness I from predators. The Founding Fathers felt gratitude to God for the United Sta- tes, therefore a responsibility to defend it. They knew the country could be fore- ver preserved it if remained a virtuous and adequately armed nation. Benjamin Franklin exclaimed, "One sword often keeps another in its scab- bard." However the Founders did not in- tend for the country to go to war for any reason but self-defense. Thomas Paine wrote, "Not all the treasure in the world could have induced me to support an offensive Joyce Collins Principles of Liberty war, for I think it murder, but if a thief breaks into my house ... am I to suffer it?" The Founders passed on to poste- rity a policy of peace through strength. They were peace loving, but not paci- fists. Freedom and unalienable rights had to be defended. The Founders were familiar with these words written 400 years earlier by Scots in their own Declaration after the Wars of Indepen- dence: "It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honors that we are fighting, but for freedom-for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself." UPSP 321-060 234 E. Main, Lovell, Wyoming 82431 307-548-2217 FAX 307-548-2218 Email: Icnews@tctwest.net David Peck, Editor and Publisher Editor ........................................................................... David Peck News Editor ........................................................ Brad Devereaux Office Manager ..................................................... Gladys McNeil Production Manager .................................................. Pat Parmer Advertising Manager ........................................ Stormy Jameson Staff ......................................... 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