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August 13, 2015     Lovell Chronicle
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August 13, 2015

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10 I The Lovell Chronicle I August 13, 2015 Hom Coun Commi ionem" mintue r 7. 201F; + MINUTES OF THE BIG HORN COUNTY COMMISSION MEETING NAME: Big Horn County Commission TYPE: Regular Session PLACE: Big Horn County Courthouse Commissioner's Chambers DATE: July 7th, 2015 TIME: 9:00 AM Chairman: Jerold S. Ewen, Members present: John Hyde, Felix Car- flzales Others County Representatives: Lori Smallwood, County Clerk; List of attendees on file. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by Chairman Ewen; followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by John Hyde. Ewen recog- nized guests and presented the ag6nda, a motion was made by Hyde to accept the agenda as presented; the motion was seconded and car- fled. Willie Bridges - Pryor Mnt. Engineering & Road and Bridge: S. Hovey reported repairing a washed out wing wall on the Dorsey Creek Bridge. More work will be required this fall. Hovey requested approv- al to purchase a 2011 FORD F-250 truck for $19,998 and to transfer the old one to the Fair Grounds. Hyde moved to approve the purchase of the truck and transfer of the old one to the Fair Grounds, the motion was seconded and carried. Hovey presented two utility permits for Road 9. Hyde moved to approve the permits as presented, the motion was seconded and carried. Wambeke reported on his search for a re- placement striper truck. Hyde asked if it would be cheaper to contract out the road striping. Bridges agreed that a contracted professional would be the best investment for the county in the long run and rec- ommended waiting until after all of the county roads are chip sealed before letting a striping contract for the total miles. By consensus, the Commission agreed to have Road and Bridge contract for road striping. Wambeke presented information about a $55,000 mower that attaches to a motograder. Ewen shared a weed complaint he re- ceived regarding Old Highway 14. Carrizales shared he has a rotary mower he would be willing to let the road crew use for this summer work if needed. Ewen requested an analysis of operating costs for different types of mowers. Carrizales offered to help look for needed items at auctions. C. Meyer suggested Wambeke look at the mower and tractor at the Cowley airport as an option. Bridges discussed moving unspent 2014-2015 funds from the Road and Bridge budget to help pay for some of the chipseal oil in 2015-2016 to help extend some of the State and County Road funds for other projects. Hyde expressed support and moved to create a new line item for oil in the 2015-2016 Road and Bridge budget and to encumber those remaining funds from 2014-2015, the motion was seconded and carried. Wambeke requested permission to bid on State of WY trucks on the bid site if the budget allows. Bridges presented the BLM right of way renewal for Road 203 for signature. Hyde moved to approve the right of way renewal as presented, the motion was sec- onded and carried. Bridges presented contract change order number #2 on the Syn- ergy contract for the multipurpose building to reduce the contract amount and adjust the completion dates. Bridges submitted the cer- tificate of substantial completion dated June 30th, 2015. Carrizales asked about fire marshal inspection, Bridges reported a second vis- it will be required. Hyde moved to approve the change order and substantial completion certificate, the motion seconded and carried. Bridges presented a letter to the Wyoming Business Council regard- ing breezeway removal from the grant. Hyde moved to approve the request for deviation as presented, the motion was seconded and carried. Bridges stated that irrigation water damage to county roads continues to be a problem. There was discussion about state statutes and utilizing the State Water Commission for assistance. Discussion determined that education isn't working so it may be time to take the next step. Bridges clarified that when necessary Road and Bridge should be contacting the water commission. Ewen shared that the dirt pile in the corner of the fair lot is unsightly. There was discussi0n that Werner had plans for the dirt and Ewen suggested that it be moved before fair. Carrizales brought up comments received regarding Seed Ranch Road and culverts that need to be pulled and changed to larger diameter before the work begins. Carrizales and Bridges will meet with the group on Monday 7/13/15 9:00 AM. Carl Meyer - Airport Manager: Representatives of the Greybull water expansion project attended to discuss concerns and questions regarding the water transmission line project. Wyoming Water De- velopment Commission staff attended to answer questions regarding possible financing of the project and reported that the Water Devel- opment Commission could provide 68% funding to the project. The Town of Greybull will be the sponsor of the application for the grant and loan with an October 1, 2015 deadline. The cost estimates in the Level II feasibility report will be used to move the project forward. Level III will include design and construction. Ewen asked if right of ways necessary for the proposed pipeline routes are in place. Repre- sentatives reviewed the three route options and explained the R.O.W. were not a huge concern but that funding was included in estimates to obtain all necessary l~O.W.s and permits. Option 1 is preferred by Forsgren Engineering and the Town of Greybull. Meyer gave an over- view of the tank issues regarding the county loan, tank ownership, and maintenance requirements. Ewen shared this is a win-win situation because more water taps are needed at the airport and Greybull needs additional water storage capacity. Forsgren emphasized that develop- ment at the airport will still need water pressure boosters. Forsgren stated that the feasibility report will be submitted to the Town on Mon- day July 13th. Ewen asked what is needed from the County at this point. Meyer answered that a commitment of $12,000 per year for 20 years is required to move the project foward. Mayor Foley indicated that the Town Council will need to do a town resolution to come up with the funding in the 2015-2016 year. Actual construction and the associated expenditures may not happen until next year or later with operational status in 2017. Meyer reminded the commission that the fuel station will be paid off this year which will free up about $7,000 each year. Meyer stated the loan could be paid from the Airport bud- get and the project could be revenue neutral for the county general fund. Hyde shared his skepticism regarding the benefit to the coun- ty, however, he believes the opportunity is now and regardless of the percentage of benefit it isn't an opportunity to be lost. Ewen shared receiving confidential information from Cheyenne regarding specific potential for growth at the airport but without water those possibilities are not viable. Bob Graham expressed his interest in the project, stating that in his opinion that this is a town and county issue of mutu- al benefit, suggesting the development of tanker/slurry pits. Meyer inquired about long term possibilities for the number of taps available. Foresgren stated that water volume will be adequate for the industrial park in the current Airport master plan. Ewen asked for a motion to support or not support the project. Hyde moved to support the proj- ect based on information received with Greybull as the sponsor and to proceed with level three of the project. Discussion revealed that the town of Greybull is also willing to move forward to phase three. Hyde asked if there is an option to stop if something doesn't go as planned. WWDC indicated that an application is not a requirement on the Countyts part but that agreements between county and town will need to be in place. Ewen clarified the motion is to proceed with the project application process as partners, the motion was seconded and carried. Next steps will be for the Greybull Town Council to review and approve the application process. The County will provide a letter of support and a resolution. Jason Beal - Big Horn County Emergency Management Coordi- nator: Beal gave an update on the pre-disaster mitigation plan update and reported that he is set to meet with the Mayors at their next meet- ing. LEPC meetings will also be helpful with this revision. Hyde re- minded Beal that federal land in the county should be addressed as an important part of the plan. Beal presented the Wyoming Inter-Coun- ty Mutual Aid Agreement and gave an overview of the goals. Hyde moved to approve the WY Inter- County Mutual Aid Agreement, the motion was seconded and carried. Beal presented a FEMA HMGP TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT CO. 443.61, TRAVELING COMPUT- grant close out letter. Hyde moved to approve the FEMA HMGP ERS, INC.1,425.50, TYLERTECHNOLOGIES, INC 5,883.21, VALLEY grant close out letter, the motion was seconded and closed. HARDWARE 53.85, WYONET, INC 78.00, WAVES WEB DESIGN Barbara Anne Greene: Area Chambers of Commerce: Greene 5,550.00, WYO.COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ASSOC 9,779.00, WY- stated that Commissioner Carrizales requested the Chambers come OMING FIRE SAFETY 186.00, YOUNGS 93.22 and give the Commission an overview of their work and to provide Joy Hill - BHC Land Planning: Hill presented an overview of re- justification for the additional funding requested. Greene present- cent activities in Land Planning. Dave Neves was in attendance and ed a package of information from the chambers that is given out on discussed an email from Margaret Byfield of American Stewards of a regular basis to those interested in the area. Celecia Gallagher, Liberty asking for support for putting Coordination language into Chamber of Commerce Director for Lovell, introduced herself to the the current Forest Bill. Neves suggested that a letter from the Corn- Commission and provided an overview of the Lovell Chamber's ongo- mission to Senator Barrasso would be most efficient. Commissioner ing and upcoming work. Barry Bryant, Greybull Chamber of Com- Ewen agreed to write and send the letter after consultation with ASL. merce, expressed appreciation for the support and the work that is Public Hearing - Liquor License Consideration: Terry Tripplett done via volunteers which stretch each dollar the chambers receive, and representatives of Lovell Wyoming property LLC were in atten- Green shared that Tour 23 organizers expressed appreciation for the dance. Ewen asked Tripplett for discussion of his plans regarding the creative ideas presented by area chambers. Carrizales said he ap- use of the liquor license at Shell Campground. Ewen asked about the preciates that no money is spent on administration. Foley & Lovell planned lounge dimensions and what remodeling would be required highlighted signage and flyers that are on the Big Horn Mountains to change the dispensing room and create the lounge. Hyde asked and in Montana. Greene shared a billboard idea and highlighted the about the average number of clientele at Shell Campground in a day. high cost of billboards. Carrizales asked for clarification on the fund- Tripplett responded that there isn't a clear answer for that because ing request. Greene stated that $5,000 per chamber is the wanted the License would change his customer base. Tripplett expressed his and needed amount. Carrizales shared things he has seen the chain- hope to add a lounge type location for local residents and visitors of bers do and favors the county considering some support which he felt the Shell area to relax in and have a cocktail. Tripplett informed the would be well used. Greene stated that the Town of Burlington and Commission that he doesn't currently advertise his malt beverage Antelope Butte have recently joined the Basin Chamber. sales. Shaun Boyle representing #12 Lovell Wyoming Property LLC Marquerite VanDyke & Carol Willard-Deputy County Clerks: spoke on behalf of the applicant organization and presented a hand Van Dyke & Willard presented bills and payroll. Hyde moved to pay out that documented the remodel that was done, including cooler and the bills and payroll as presented, the motion was seconded and car- existing building refurbishment and financial information. There was ried. no additional public comment. Hyde moved to assign the license to ALSCO 44.08, AMERICAN WELDING & GAS INC. 172.80, KIM #12 Lovell Wyoming Properties LLC, the motion was seconded and ADAMS 1,902.19, AUTOMOTIVE FINANCE CENTER 19,998.00, carried. ASCENT AVIATION GROUP, INC 60.00, DEL ATWOOD, JR 41.15 Patflcia Arnold - WY Department of Health & Bill Crampton In- WHITE LINE LLC 300.00, MARY BAIR 428.54, BASIN REPUBLI- teflm Public Health Nurse Manager: Arnold introduced herself as the CAN RUSTLER 519.00, BASIN REPUBLICAN RUSTLER 336.00, BIG new State Supervisor based in Evanston. Crampton provided Public HORN CO-OP MARKETING ASSN 86.14, BIG HORN RURAL ELEC- Health Nurse Manager interview plans and asked for one Commis- TRIC CO. 740.00, BLAIRtS MARKET 31.10, CARDINAL HEALTH 411 sioner to sit on the interview panel. Smallwood presented the Emer- INC 528.01, CENTER POINTLARGE PRINT 131.05, COUNTYCLERK gency Preparedness Grant for approval. Hyde moved to approve the 2.00, COVENANT INSURANCE GROUP INC. 3,950.00 WAYNE A. grant agreement as presented, the motion seconded and carried. BIRD 1,200.00, CRUM ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. 116.30, D.A. ROOF- Crampton gave an overview of the Emergency Preparedness Unit Eb- ING, INC 42,774.00 DELL MARKETING L.P. 523.96, DOUBLE R ola Contract and his concerns with the workscope which include the SERVICE, LLC 42.00, TINA ELY 16.48, GALLS INCORPORATED county being responsible for transportation and disposal of decontam- 1,296.14, GORRELL & HOPKINSON P.C. 435.89, GRAINGER 33.81, inatingitems. Ewen asked what other Federal help is available for the GREYBULL BUILDING CENTER 305.88, GREYBULL STANDARD needs this contract would fill. Crampton stated a local disaster decla- 331.50, TOWN OF GREYBULL 233.00 STEVEN HARPER 392.28, ration would accomplish similar needs. Hyde suggested letting Kami HASCO INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY 880.97, DONALD N HOLT 6,000.00 Neighbors talk about this project since she would be responsible for 128161 HUB-BHJ INTL MOUNTAIN STATES LTD 70,836.00, J.C. the workscope. The contract was tabled for the 7/21/15 meeting. REPAIR, INC 1,551.40, KB COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS 82.74, KRIS- Ken Blackburn - Big Horn County Sheriff: Blackburn presented JANSONS & MILES, PC 353.28, LOVELL CHRONICLE 371.10 ED- a resolution to move forward with a lease agreement for the enhanced WARD G. LUHM, P.C. 2,433.31, MARK% REFRIGERATION 70.00, 911 upgrades. Adams reviewed the lease agreement and recom- MASTERCARD 7,268.63, MAYES BROTHERS LLC 3,582.85, SAR- mended two concerns to be worked out. Full purchase price includes AH N. MILES 255.68, MICROMARKETING, LLC 739.78 MILLERVS a three year warranty and covers 100% from acceptance thru a three FABRICATION & CONST. 1,545.84, MIDWEST FENCE COMPA- year time frame. The Treasurer will work the financing plan out with NY 945.00, TED MENKE 318.36, MINCHOW~S SERVICE 5,153.56, the vendor. Hyde moved to approve the lessee resolution for E911 up- MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 8,552.88, MURDOCH grade. The motion was seconded and carded. Distribution of E911 OIL, INC. 15.12, SHARALYNE NICHOLLS 37.95, NORTHERN WYO- funding will be decided at a later date. MING DAILY NEWS 112.00, NORTHWEST SPECIALTY SALES CO. Kim Adams- Big Horn County Attorney: Adams gave an update 935.83, TRAVIS OLSEN 250.80, PITNEY BOWES 208.99 PITNEY on the Crystal Creek Bridge issue and her plan to pursue the funds for BOWES INC 126.50, WILLIAM E. BRIDGES 11,182.50, QUILL COR- that damage. Hyde asked for some small changes on the preliminary PORATION 910.16, RECORDED BOOKS, INC 58.80, RIMROCK lease agreement for the Lovell Annex. The agreement will be sent to TIRE, INC 1,913.86, RIVERBEND PLUMBING & HEATING 255.00, County maintenance, Town of Lovell, and Cares for review and corn- ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER 851.44, ROCKY MOUNTAIN LIGHTS ment. Adams took the opportunity to remind the Commission that an & SIRENS 1,750.00, SECURITY STATE BANK - PEYFY CASH additional Attorney would bring an additional $30,000 to the County. 13.93, SIMPSON, KEPLER & EDWARDS, LLC 350.00, SYNERGY CONSTRUCTION 170,422.20, SYSCO FOOD SERVICES 14,355.11, A conference call was placed to Chris Weydeveld of Firewise. TCT WEST, INC. 3,199.37 TCT WEST, INC. 1,548.04, TRACTOR & Weydeveld gave an overview of the situation creating the bill for EQUIPMENT CO. 18.27, TRAVELING COMPUTERS, INC. 7,542.20, spraying along the Bighorn River in Greybull, outlining the reasons TRI COUNTY TELEPHONE ASSOC. 66.14, VALLEY HARDWARE spraying should continue next year. Weydeveld said the volunteer 69.58,VERIZONWIRELESS 174.31, RANDYE. WADDELL, O.D. 70.00, work day alleviates some of cost of the spraying. The town project is GREY HOUSE PUBLISHING 390.50, WORI_AND FORD-CHRYSLER unusual because most projects are done with private land owner coop- 1,013.95, WYOMING SECRETARY OF STATE 30.00, WESTERN erators not municipalities and the county. The language in the project HORSEMAN 22.00, SERENA K LIPP 4,442.86, ABSOLUTE SOLU- plan and cooperators agreement indicate that maintenance is the re- TIONS 248.50, KATY ASAY 24.64 B&G INDUSTRIES LLC 147.75, sponsibility of the land owner. Carrizales asked where the authority BASIN PHARMACY 676.03, TOWN OF BASIN 10,959.05, BIG HORN for the obligation to discontinue the spraying would come from. Wey- CO-OP MARKETING ASSN 92.75, BIG HORN CO-OP MARKETING develd stated that research indicates that this year and one more year ASSN 131.30, BIG HORN ENGRAVING & SIGN 37.50, BIG HORN is enough. Hyde moved to pay the $1,190 invoice from Weed and Pest COUNTY WEED & PEST CONTROL 222.33, BLUE CROSS BLUE for the Firewise and send a letter stating this will be the final payment SHIELD OF WYOMING 14.31, C & B OPERATIONS, LLC 3,375.42, to all effected parties, the motion was seconded and carried. CALIFORNIA CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES 182.23, JANE CHAVIRA Meyer presented the Alrport Report. Meyer presented the Disad- 26.88, COMMERCIAL SERVICE HVAC 2,352.80 CK FAB 20,340.00, vantaged Business Enterprise Plan for signature and approval. Hyde DATA IMAGING SYSTEMS 201.78, NATHON FORSHEE 12,000.00, moved to approve the plan as presented, the motion was seconded and GALLS INCORPORATED 2,845.88, GRETCHEN GASVODA KELSO carried. Meyer presented a transfer of FAA entitlement funds to Alton 118.72, GRAINGER 31.19, JON HAAS 7.94 HALLMAN, HUNT & as requested by the FAA for approval and signature. Hyde moved to MICKELSON, PC 4,650.00, STEFAN F & TRACY A HARPER 101.84, approve the agreement as presented, the motion was seconded and INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATIONS & ELECTR. 6,730.00, JOHN R. carried. Meyer presented the BLM seat base agreement for approval HALEY IV 197.00, MOHD KHAN 55.00, TOWN OF LOVELL 416.46, and signature, Hyde moved to approve the BLM seat base agreement MASTERCARD 4,541.57, MCGARVIN-MOBERLY CONSTRUCTION for south Big Horn County Airport as presented, the motion was sec- CO. 9,001.96, MIDWAY CONSTRUCTION & DIRT WORK INC onded and carried. 5,370.00, MYRON MEREDITH 65.00 MONTANA-DAKOTA UTIL- Smallwood presented Old and New Business: Budget adjust- ITIES 105.88, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS, INC 62,429.25, HILLARY ment resolution #15 was presented. Hyde moved to approve reso- G. MULLEY 79.95, NATIONAL DIST. ATTORNEYS ASSOC 25.00, lufion #15, the motion was seconded and carried. The WIC renewal KAMI NEIGHBORS 1,137.10 NORMONT EQUIPMENT COMPANY contract for 2015-2016 was presented, Hyde moved to approve the 4,000.00, THE OFFICE SHOP, INC. 6,539.64, OVERlAND EXPRESS renewal contract as presented, the motion was seconded and car- MART 35.00, PARK COUNTY IMPLEMENT 7,200.00, PETERSON fled. There was discussion about a pending bill for arena panels at QUALITY OFFICE FURNITURE 155.50, THOS. Y. PICKETI" & COM- the multipurpose building and utilization of O & M funding for those PANY, INC 1,600.00, PIONEER AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR 84.91, PR despite the building not being operational in the 2014-2015 fiscal year. LIGHTING SOLUTIONS 1,703.91, QUILL CORPORATION 119.70, Ewen shared that the Fair Board had not intended to begin utilizing SHERRI SCHELL 600.00, MAE SMITH 69.00, THOMSON REUTERS the county committed O & M funding. It was determined that the bill 174.00, TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT CO. 605.53, TRAVELING COM- would be paid from the normal fair budget and the overage would be PUTERS, INC. 6,809.01, UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING 18,322.62, deducted from the 2015-2016 Fair budget. The 2015 Commissioners UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING EXTENSION 105.00, VALLEY HARD- scholarship renewal requests were presented, Hyde moved to renew WARE 37.56, VERIZON WIRELESS 1,142.31 WYO. LAW ENFORCE- the scholarship for B. Vigil. The proclamation setting September as MENT ACADEMY 185.00, TRUDY CRAFT 91.96, UNIVERSITY OF Childhood Cancer Awareness Month was presented. Hyde moved WYOMING 2,090.00, MECHANICAL MASTERS 333.62, MARCY to approve the proclamation recognizing Childhood Cancer Aware- ARGERIS 48.88, BIG HORN CO-OP MARKETING ASSN 4,941.52, ness Month, the motion was seconded and carried. A phone call was BIG HORN CO-OP MARKE'TING ASSN 153.22, TOWN OF COW- placedtoM. Byfield ofASL for guidance on the letter she is requesting LEY 132.40, HD FILTER CLEANING 78.09, J&E, INC. 160.96, KEELE be sent to Senator Barrasso outlining the need and Big Horn County SANITATION 147.00, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS, INC 4,802.25, support for coordination language to be included in a developing bill. MOUNTAIN MOTOR SUPPLY 169.82, MURDOCH OIL, INC. 381.91, Ewen requested that sample language be emailed to him. Byfield said OtREILLY AUTO PARTS 216.91, STANDARD SIGNS, INC 113.34, the letter needs to be sent to Travis McGiven. Information will be sent TCT WEST, INC. 373.22, XEROX CORPORATION 273.56, MOLLY to Ewen and a letter will be forwarded to Barrasso & McGiven. YATES 52.33, ALSCO 44.08, KIM ADAMS 25.00, KATY ASAY 155.03, Smallwood presented Good of the County Items and Mail: Fi- DEL ATWOOD, JR 3,049.60, BOB BARKER COMPANY, INC. 206.52, nancial Statements: S. Lipp - District Court Clerk (June 2015) Month- BASIN AUTO CARE 98.82, BACKSTER SCHOOL OF LIE DETEC- ly Report(s) and prepared correspondence review: LEPC Minutes ( TION 12,295.00, BEST BUY 661.29, BIG HORN CO-OP MARKE'TING May 2015) Bonds: Marianne Grant- Board of Cooperative Education ASSN 6,988.57 BIG HORN CO-OP MARKETING ASSN 18.50, C&H Services ($5,000);Fi'ed Barnett - Shell Valley Watershed Improve~ DISTRIBUTORS, LLC. 1,811.00, CARQUEST AUTO PARTS 111.54, ment Distflct($10,000);Rhonda Savage - BOCES ($25,000) CENTURY LINK 37.49, CENTRAL DRUG SYSTEM 200.00, THE Hyde moved to adjourn, the motion was seconded and carried. COUNTRY FLOWER 95.00, CABELAIS INC 1,519.85, DATA CENTER WAREHOUSE LLC 7,905.00, KRISTINE GODFREY 10.00, GDA EN- STATE OF WYOMING ) GINEERS 34,051.79, GREYBULL BUILDING CENTER 77.70, STE- FAN F & TRACY A HARPER 297.68, HEMOCUE AMERICA 529.00, COUNTY OF BIG HORN ) HUB-BHJ IN'PL MOUNTAIN STATES LTD 174.00, JOHN R. HALEY IV 633.14, MASTERcARD 176.75, MAYES BROTHERS LLC 350.00, I, Lori Smallwood, County Clerk and Ex-Officio of the Board of CARL MEYER 188.60, MUNICIPAL EMERGENCY SERVICES, INC the County Commissioners, do hereby certify the above and forego- 2,875.00, MINCHOW~S SERVICE 10,968.27, MONTANA-DAKOTA ing to be a full, trueandcompletecopyofproceedingsoftheCommis- UTILITIES 267.61, BRYAN DALE MOREHOUSE 4,250.00, MOUN- sion on 7th, 2015. TAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 385,796.11, NORTH BIG HORN Board of County Commissioners HOSPITAL 2,850.00, NORTH BIG HORN SEARCH & RESCUE Big Horn County, Wyoming 203.02, THE OFFICE SHOP, INC. 775.74, PARK COUNTY CLERK /s/Jerold S. Ewen, Chairman 22.98, PITNEY BOWES POSTAGE BY PHONE, PITNEY BOWES /s/John G. Hyde, Member GLOBAL 90.37, PRO-VISION INC 5,213.00, QUILL CORPORATION /s/Felix Carrizales, Member 302.97, ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER 182.39, SOUTH BIG HORN COUNTY HOSPITAL 172.14, STALKER APPLIES CONCEPTS INC Attest:/s Lori Smallwood, County Clerk, Clerk of the Board 9,426.00, SUN RIDGE SYSTEMS, INC 13,085.00, SYMBOL ARTS 1,870.50, TERRAIN NAVIGATOR 246.95, GREG THARP 4,500.00, Publish: August 8, 2015 Corn $c Th LIONS STATE FAIR PARADE in Douglas, s Wyming! AT., AUGUST 1 5th 10 a.m. Informaiion: Mail or call Lion Jerry Griffin 235 Bar-Two Drive, Douglas, VVY 82633 Phone (307) 358-5594, Fax (307) 358-5564 Promotiona/ Support provided by Converse County Tourism Board r HUGE ABSOLUTE INVENTORY AUCTION JAMES RIVER EQUIPMENT LLC -JD DEALER WEST HWY 14 - HURON SOUTH DAKOTA AUGUST 25, 2015 9:30 A.M. CST ALL CATEGORIES OF FARM EQUIPMENT, TRACTORS, COMBINES, HEADS, TILLAGE-HAYING EQUIPMENT & MISC. Mowrey Auction Co. Milford IL 815-889-4191 ~.Website: www.mowreyauction.com Wieman Land & Auction Co., Inc. Marion SD 605-648-3111 Website: www.wiemanauction:comj IIrll ........ i~ HIP,