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September 11, 2014     Lovell Chronicle
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September 11, 2014

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4 I The Lovell Chronicle i September 11, 2014 CHRONICLE nlons Crazy investment solicitations keep meamused If you own a fax machine or have an e-mail account, you get some doozies when it comes to investment solicitations. One of my favorites recently came from a man who simply identified himself as Douglas. His e-mail message read as follows: "Good Day, My name is Douglas know- ing that your paper is one of the most widely read newspaper in the neighborhood. I will like to know if I can post a Administrative As- sistant ad in your newspaper which I will like to be in print and online. David Peck "1 will looking forward to hearing from you Observations soon. Douglas." Now, how could I possibly resist doing business with that fellow? I'm sure he's perfectly legit. After all, he knows that the Chronicle is "one of the most widely read newspa- per in the neighborhood." But I didn't respond. Another one came in early August from "Sales3'! and read: "Happy led Mubarak!! May Allah shower countless blessing upon you and your family. We would like to inform you that our com- pany is a leading international Tunisian Society in Tunisia in which we are developed more and more our business. WVe are looking to import for Libyan.market with the attached sample items in the catalogue would you please advise if you have any interest transacting with us about our request and send us your prices for the requested item in the attached catalogue. "Looking forward to receiving your considerable reply. Your constant attention and cooperation as ever will be highly appreci- ated. Thanks and best regards, Turki Sameh, Purchasing Manager, SOGEX (Tunisian address follows)." I didn't open the attachment, needless to say, and despite Tur- ki's high appreciation for my constant attention and cooperation, I did not give my considerable reply. My, how disappointed Turki must have been. We also receive dozens of faxes asking if we would like to take out a loan. Right. I'll just grab that fax right out of the machine and take out a loan for, oh, say, 50 grand. That ought to do it. Do people really respond to these things? I received two more weird e-mails on Monday, one from an Allan Wood saying he represents the board of a leading financial institu- tion in the Euro Zone with "dormant funds" in excess of $18 million "in their coffers" and seeking investment with "huge financial re- ward." The other came from the Shijiazhuagn Cardiofness Industry Co., Ltd. telling me, the "Supplier," that the company is interest- ed in "some of your items" and adding, "Kindly view the Important document I upload using Supplier's Portal so CLICK below and log on with your valid email for immediate access to view order refer- ence." I chose not to "CLICK." One of the members of our staff has a friend who receives calls from a fellow in Jamaica named Willy who calls telling the man he has won the lottery but needs to send money to Jamaica in order to collect the prize. This man and his family keep Willy on the phone for long periods of time, giving him just enough hope that he's landing the big one to keep him occupied. Everyone in the family is getting to know Willy, including the man's granddaughter. They al- most feel sorry for the guy, as they can hear kids crying in the back- ground. Hey, a guy has to make a living, right? But after numerous calls from Jamaica to Lovell, I wonder what Willy's phone bill must be. I have probably disappointed Douglas, Turki, Allan and Shiji- azhuagn Cardiof'tness by not responding to their queries, but I just don't want a virus to get into my computer. Oy veh. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and chuckle at this stuff. Someone somewhere sometime must re- spond to this garbage, or it wouldn't keep coming, Now, if Willy would call, however, I just might strike up a friend- ship with the young man, ask him about his kids, his family, his life in Jamaica. That seems like a worthwhile investment of time to me. i WYOM00G PRESS ASSOCIATION Reporter: Patti Carpenter Staff: Pat Parmer, Dorothy Nelson, Marwyn Layne, Teressa Ennis, John Lafko, Ana Baird, Leonora Barton. Postmaster: Send address changes to: The Lovell Chronicle, USPS 321-060 234 E. Main, Lovell, Wyoming 82431 (307) 548-2217 Published every Thursday Periodical postage paid at Lovell, Wyoming Editor and Publisher: David Peck SUBSCRIPTION RATES In and Paik Counties $30 00utsiae sso www. LovellChronicle.com I DIPN'T R00ALIz00 YOUR OH, YES-- HUSBAHP WAS WHI00HI00VI00R HIS RELIGIOUS CO/00PI0000R CRASHi00$! Letter to the editor Will the north end of the county be represented? Dear Editor, In the Aug. 28 issue of the Lovell Chronicle was an arti- cle giving the voting percent- ages from the primary election with the total of registered vot- ers at 5,548. I went one step fur- ther and broke it down into the north and south towns as I be- lieve there is a great wall divid- ing the county. The eight towns in the south part of the county are listed as having 2970 registered voters or 53 percent of the registered voters and the five towns in the north part of the county are list- ed as having 2578 registered voters or 46 percent of the reg- istered voters. However, with Keith Grant losing out as a county commis- sioner the north part of Big Horn County has only one rep- resentative on the county's board of commissioners. Now I realize that all of the candidates say they are fair and not biased and will represent the entire county, but I honestly believe that once elected, regardless of what they said while campaign- ing, that they tend to look after their friends and neighbors first and do not care as much about towns 25 miles away. Not being a tax assessor or being an appraiser I can only guesstimate the value of the taxable entities in the north part of the county and whil.e we may have fewer registered vot- ers I believe we have the larger share of tax producing income for the county. In the north we have the only sugar factory in the county not only processing beets from the north part of the county but also from the south part, Park County, sometimes Washak- ie County and Bridger, Mont. We have three bentonite plants, about 60 oil producing wells, a large oil storage tank farm, about six major construction companies, a very large ma- chine and fabrication shop, the largest saddle and tack shop and two major tourist attrac- tions, Bighorn Canyon and Lake and America's first wild horse refuge, both bringing ex- tra money into the county. So here is another wild idea from this grumpy old man. I be- lieve it is time for the five north- ern towns of Big Horn County to look into the possibility of form- ing our own little county. I have no idea if this is at all possible, but people more knowledgeable than myself about such things should do some investigating. If such an idea is not at all possi- ble then the five northern towns should demand that we get 46 percent representation on the board of commissioners. Jim Szlemko Letter to the editor Lorna 'still kicking' Dear Editor, To those who have heard of my demise, I am writing to tell you I'm not kicking as high as I used to, but I am still kicking. Lorna Fowler Safety a top priority as school begins Believe it or not, our summer is over and school began Tuesday, Sept. 2. Drivers need to pay attention and watch for our children heading off to school and returning home each day. The Lovell Police Department is determined to keep our children safe, and part of doing so is to strictly enforce the traffic code in our school zones. Drivers please re- member that the con- struction zone speed limit is 20 mph. We are still receiving com- plaints that vehicles are speed- ing on Third Street and there will be officers patrolling this area making sure that the drivers are complying with this speed limit. Please watch for children cross- ing Third Street on their way to and from school. A big thank you to S&L for having flaggers out during the peak hours for the children. Drivers should be aware that Shoshone Avenue in front of the elementary school is a NO U TURN ZONE. It is going to be strictly enforced for safety con- cerns so please do not U TURN in this area. Drivers need to be aware that if you turn and pull into a driveway and then head the opposite direction it's consid- ered a U TURN. Many parents drive north on Shoshone make a left turn and park in front of the elementary. This is a U TURN and is in violation of the NO U TURN ZONE. Kansas Avenue to the west of the elementary also has a NO U TURN ZONE for the safety of our children. Another traffic concern in our community is parking in the yel- low no parking areas. These ar- eas are painted yellow and pro- hibit parking for many different reasons. In our school zones these areas provide a greater area of view for the children in the cross- walks. Some have been widened to give the children and drivers a Chief Nick Lewis Cop Beat clear view of each other so we can avoid trage- dy. Parking in these yellow no parking ar- eas limits the view of our children and oth- er drivers, which could result in a child being struck and injured. These areas will be strictly enforced and drivers should be on notice not to park in these areas. Of course, the crosswalks will be in use and once the child/ pedestrian enters the crosswalk they have the right of way. Driv- ers should stop at a distance that gives the child and other drivers a clear view of the crosswalk and the children/pedestrians using the crosswalk. The school zones on Shosho- ne Avenue and Kansas Avenue are 20 mph, 24 hours a day. I would encourage parents to use the drop-off area on Shosho- ne Avenue and the Shoshone Av- enue parking lot so you can drop your child off "curb side." This is, by far, the best way to ensure your child's safety while being dropped off and picked up each day. The circular drive on Sho- shone Avenue, in front of our el- ementary building, is for school personnel and authorized vehicle use only. The circular drive is not to be used by non-authorized ve- hicles and is marked as such. If this circular drive is used by all of us it would create a traffic hazard for our children. Remember that the circular drive is to be used by buses, school personnel and au- thorized vehicles ONLY! Remember also drivers to have your children in a prop- er restraining device. Children that are not secured in the vehi- cle can be severely injured should you become involved in an acci- dent or have to apply your brakes suddenly. Watch for our children and let's have a safe school year. The Lovell Chronicle welcomes letters from its readers and will make every effort to print them. Letters longer than 400 words may not be printed. Letters must be signed and include the address and telephone number of the writer. Unsigned letters will be discarded. Writers are limited to two letters in any 30 day period.All letters must conform to the law of libel and be in good taste. They may be mailed to The Lovell Chronicle, Box 787, Lovell, WY 82431, or delivered to our office at 234 E. Main St., Lovell. A strict 1:00 p.m. Tuesday deadline will be enforced.