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September 26, 2013     Lovell Chronicle
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September 26, 2013

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September 26, 2013 I The Lovell Chronicle I 17 Pl00blic notices Big Horn Coun Commissioner's minutes; Aug. 20. 20/3 (cont.) RFRs for the Firewise and Old Jail Renovation projects for approval and signature. Grant moved to approve the RFRs as presented, Ewen seconded and the motion was carried. Smallwood presented a letter to be sent to the Daniels Fund on behalf of the Fair Board to request an extension on the Multi-Purpose Fair Building grant. Grant moved to sign the request for extension, Ewen seconded and the motion was carried. Joy Hill, Land Planner - presented Land Planning report. She reported that the LWC project has been submitted and inquired if the commission had received any response or feedback. Grant indicated not at this time. Hill presented an Amended Plat on behalf of Bilbrey-Schaffert that had been reviewed by Planning and Zoning Committee for approval. Grant moved to approve the amended plat that adjusts the boundary lines of the plat, Ewen seconded and the motion was carried. Hill shared her concern with the P&Z process and progress to rewrite their rules and regulations. Hill requested the Commission help guide this process and provide guidance on P & Z responsibilities. Ewen will visit with the Chairman and seek ways to move the process along. The suggestion to create a subcommittee was discussed. Hill will table this until she receives guidance from Chairman Ewen. Hill reported they are almost moved into the remodeled space and things are going well. Gina Anderson, Big Horn County Assessor - presented 2013 Irriga- tion District Assessment Rolls and resolution #3 to set the Irrigation and Drainage District Levies. Anderson advised that Alamo didn't request a levy this year. Anderson presented certificates of assessment for the Big Horn Canal District, Willwood Irrigation, and Deaver Irrigation. She clarified that Big Horn County does not collect funds for Willwood or Deaver. Grant moved to approve the 2013 Irrigation District assess- ment rolls in resolution #3 and certificates as presented, Ewen seconded and the motion was carried. Michelle Burns, Big Horn County Attorney - requested an execu- tive session to discuss possible litigation. Grant moved for executive session to discuss possible litigation, Ewen seconded and the motion was carried. Executive session began at 2:20 pm. Executive Session adjourned at 2:30. Burns presented Resolution #4 for approval. Grant moved to approve Resolution #4, Ewen seconded and the motion was carried. Linnette Johnson, WY Public Health Nursing/Kimberly Cowan, Big Horn County Public Health - provided a written overview to address issues discussed in prior meetings and provide customer sat- isfaction data. Johnson reminded the Commission to call her anytime with questions or concerns. Cowan provided an update on outreach activities that include paper/radio ads and meeting with Lovell physi- cians to update them on services provided at the Public Health Office in Lovell. Grant inquired about progress to move the health secretary position to a state position, Johnson said the concern has been shared with all powers in the agency but new State positions are approved by Legislature so no immediate solution is possible. Johnson shared that the State would like County HR to work closely with Kim on the supervision of county staff. Ken Blackburn, Big Horn County Sheriff - met with the Commis- sion to share information regarding the $250,000 of the E911 funds they authorized for use. He reported that the address verification project is going well. Blackburn has a person who has been working on this project with the understanding that the services were provided as contract work. After consulting with Willard it has been determined the person is an employee. Blackburn outlined the position is temporary with no benefits and will end as soon as the project is completed. The Commission approved the temporary position by consensus. Blackburn also shared that there are some changes being worked on regarding the School Resource Officer for the Lovell School District. The changes will include activities and county match of salary. FORTHE GOOD OFTHE COUNTY AND FOR GENERAL DISCUS- SION- The following items were presented for consideration and review *Financial Statements: Doff Noyes, District Court Clerk (July 2013); Kenneth Blackburn, Sheriff- (July 2013) Bonds: Casey Sorenson, Treasurer/Big Horn County Fair; Vangi Hackney, Fair Manager/Big Horn County Fair Grant moved to adjourn at 3:15 pm, Ewen seconded and the motion was carried. STATE OF WYOMING ) ) COUNTY OF BIG HORN ) I, Lori Smallwood, County Clerk and Ex-Officio of the Board of the County Commissioners, do hereby certify the above and foregoing to be a full, true and complete copy of proceedings of the Commission on August 20, 2013. Board of County Commissioners Big Horn County, Wyoming /s/Jerold S. Ewen, Chairman /s/Keith M. Grant, Member /s/John G. Hyde, Member Attest:/s Lori Smallwood, County Clerk, Clerk of the Board Publish: September 26, 2013 Big Horn County Commissioner's minutes; ent. 3. 2013 MINUTES OF THE BIG HORN COUNTY COMMISSION MEETING and to take an employee vote about the addition of a Wellness Initiative to the Health Insurance package.. NAME: Big Horn County Commissioners TYPE: Regular Session PLACE: Big Horn County Court House First Floor Commissioners' Conference Room DATE: September 3, 2013 TIME: 9:00 AM Chairman: Jerold S. Ewen, Members present: Keith Grant, John Hyde Others County Representatives: Lori Smallwood County Clerk; Others present at various times: Karla Pomeroy, Basin Republican Rustier. List of attendees on file. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by Chairman Ewen; fol- lowed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by John Hyde. Chairman Ewen recognized guests and presented the agenda. A motion was made by Grant to accept the agenda as amended, the motion was seconded by Hyde and carried. Engineering/Road and Bridge: Foreman Hovey reported that road- side mowing was underway and they are looking to purchase another mower which will cut time required. The mowers run between $500 and $700. The repairs on Rairden Lane are going well. Paint strip- ing of chipsealed roads should begin in the south end soon. Hovey presented a utility permit application from TCT on road 29 with the recommendation to approve. Grant moved to approve the permit, Hyde seconded and the motion was carried. Grant inquired about county li- ability of hitting or damaging things in our right of way and if language in permits eliminated any liability. William Bridges informed Grant that permit forms included such language and that most companies have someone at the job site to protect their cables and such. Foreman Wambeke informed the Commission he had received a request from a citizen on road 12 to post a 20 MPH sign. There was discussion regarding the road and process for such a change. By c0nsensus the bof-Fee'd to take no action to change the speed limit on county road 12. Wambeke asked if pay increases once an employee reached their i year anniversary was a step raise. The Commission agreed by consensus that the one year increase was a probation increase not a step raise. William Bridges, Pryor Mnt. Engineering: Bridges reported the right of way renewals with the BLM are proceeding, however no plat was done for road 9-56 that is between highway 310 and Spence Road. The cost for a survey and plat is estimated at $3,000. There was discus- sion on the use of this road and the expense to continue the right of way. Ewen pointed out that continued right of way preserved access to public lands. A motion was made by Grant to survey and plat this road to establish necessary documentation, Hyde seconded and the motion was carried. Bridges reported that the FEMA Elk Creek Bridge close out documents had been submitted. When paid this willbecome part of the road fund reserves. The Town of Byron submitted a second invoice for $24,000 on the Shoshone Bridge project, Bridges will follow up with Byron to point out that the amount budgeted was $21,000. Bridges and the County Treasurer continue to work on the Road Fund Report. It appears this will be a 3 hour job for Bridges. Ewen shared his hope that the work being done by the new assistant will be helpful when this is due next year. Bridges addressed the chipseal engineering invoice from Pryor Mountain that was not paid in full by the County in July. Bridges said the increased costs were due to fog seal not being in the estimate, two extra days of work, and Pryor Mnt. staff working to touch up the chipseal. Bridges explained Pryor Mountain was trying to help the county get the job done. Ewen stated the amendment was a hard number not an estimate, so being accountable for cost was the concern. Bridges pointed out the amendment said estimated engineering costs and he wasn't trying to deceive the county. Hyde agreed with Ewen that there was a contracted figure that went over without any sort of warning and the substantial overage was the concern. Hyde inquired if there were alternatives besides those utilized to make sure the job was completed. Road and Bridge acknowledged that the extra help made the job go smooth. Hyde ask how to keep the job costs down. Ewen reinforced the contract being honored and adhered to is the issue. Grant commented that an estimate should be close to accurate and the amount of overage was the largest concern. Grant also acknowledged that when the job is rolling there are often no options, he thanked Pryor Mnt for the work that is done for the county and requested that estimates be more accurate. Bridges commented he is not trying to cheat the county out of anything he felt the service was reasonable. He pointed out that the work required a certifying engineer hence the work was required. By consensus the Commission took no action and the payment will remain as was remitted. Carl Meyer, Airport Manager: Meyer presented the airport report. RFRs for both airport projects were presented for signature; Meyer noted they were final payments. The next meeting will not have an airport report. Meyer presented the real estate contract for the sale of the block hangar for signature. Hyde moved to sign the contract with the two additions made by Meyer, the motion was seconded by Grant and carried. Myer informed the commission that the Town of Greybull needs some millings for road repair and he would like the airport to sell them approximately 10 truckloads. The Commission by consensus agreed to work with the Town of Greybull on fulfilling this need. Mayor Graham and Bob Hawkins joined Meyer to discuss the museum at the South BHC Airport. There was discussion about renewed interest, requirements, needs and concerns. The Commission agreed by consensus to allow Meyer to devote some time to exploring options and working on this project. Hawkins and Graham said they would work with Carl as much as possible. Bob Decker, County Benefits Consultant: Decker presented an overview of the county's stop-loss renewal contract and the recom- mendations of the Health Insurance Management Teams for insurance renewal due October 1, 2013. Ewen ask if there were any possible surprises. Decker stated that the risk was currently pretty low. The lower than anticipated increase in health insurance coverage will hopefully create a healthy fund or possible increased benefit of some sort to employees. Any savings will be reviewed at the end of the fis- cal year and programmed at that point. Hyde moved to accept the recommendations and allow the HIMT to proceed with these recom- mendations and renewals. Grant seconded and the motion was carried. Decker presented the proposed County Wellness Program, explained how implementation will reduce premiums, and asked how the com- mission would like to proceed with employee meetings. Hyde shared his distaste for the deductible increase and buy down plan and then suggested it be taken to the employees for comment. By consensus the commission agreed to have Decker take the plan to the employees Fred Werner, County Maintenance: Werner presented a second quote on the air conditioner for the computer server room. The sec- ond quote was much more than the first. The current budget for this is $9,750 the low quote presented was $21,073.75. Ewen ask if there was any alternative. Hyde ask why the extreme difference in quotes. Hyde moved to proceed with getting the contract submitted for this air conditioner, Grant seconded and the motion was carried. A transfer of funds from county reserve will be necessary. Werner ask about the continued storage of Big Horn Mountain Coalition books. Ewen will discuss those at the next coalition meeting and advise Werner. Werner informed the Commission that a citizen inquired about a tree issue in the county owned gulch near his house. He is concerned about possible damage to his house. The cost to remove the tree will run $500- $700. Concerned with opening the county to other removal issues in the Basin gulch, Ewen asked how this matter would be handled between two private land owners. Hyde said the county would not be liable for roots. Ewen suggested that the county give the landowner permission to enter the property to remove the tree as he sees fit. Grant suggested that it's the drainage easement holders responsibility. Werner will research who holds the easement and report back to the Commission. Ewen ask about courthouse roof replacement bids. Werner gave an update on possibilities and will inform the Commission as quotes come in. Marguerite Vandyke and Carol Willard presented accounts payable and payroll. Grant moved to approve the bills and payroll as presented, Hyde seconded and motion was carried. ALSCO 42.13, AMERICAN WELDING & GAS INC. 132.99, MIDWEST TAR SEALER 181,831.00, ASD HEALTHCARE 490.00, DELATWOOD, JR 300.00, BOB BARKER COMPANY, INC. 1,537.11, BASIN PHAR- MACY 2,727.07, BASIN REPUBLICAN RUSTLER 3,541.67, TOWN OF BASIN 14,301.85, BIG HORN CO-OP MARKETING ASSN 393.00, BIG HORN COUNTY SOLID WASTE DIST. 48.36, SUB-AQUATICS, INC 5,183.00, MICHELLE M. BURNS 153.93, CALIFORNIA CON- TRACTORS SUPPLIES 205.67, CH2M HILL, INC 2,500.00, CENTURY LINK 37.84, CLOUD PEAK GUNWORKS 785.00, COVENANT INSUR- ANCE GROUP INC. 1,975.00, TOWN OF COWLEY 123.40, CRUM ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. 84.70, DOUBLE R SERVICE, LLC 40.80, DOWNTOWN AUTO CLINIC, INC. 2,107.20,JOHN E. FRENTHEWAY 85.00, FIRST BANKCARD 2,364.66, FORENSICS LIMITED, LLC 160.00, GRETCHEN GASVODA KELSO 71.00, GDA ENGINEERS 16,282.43, GREYBULL BUILDING CENTER 209.84, GREYBULL STANDARD 385.67, HALLMAN, EAGLER & HUNT, PC 7,530.00, STEFAN F & TRACY A HARPER 158.97, HONNEN EQUIPMENT CO. 486.04, IAIRD SANITATION 660.00, JESSICA LOEPER EC. 370.00, LOVELL CHRONICLE 401.00, TOWN OF LOVELL 174.94 , MAMA Z'S BOY 176.00, MASTERCARD 1,314.33, CARL MEYER 109.61, M. SCOTT MCCOLLOCH 292.50, MYRON MEREDITH 65.00, MINCHOW'S SERVICE 8,740.09, MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILI- TIES 165.20, MOTOR POWER EQUIPMENT CO. 78.85, HILLARY G. MULLEY 106.79, NELSON & PAGE DENTAL PC 234.00, NORTH BIG HORN SEARCH & RESCUE 1,198.54, DORI NOYES 8.09, THE OFFICE SHOE INC. 310.48, PARK COUNTY CLERK 79.65, PRAIRIE GRILL 152.00, WILLIAM E. BRIDGES 6,671.40, QUILL CORPORA- TION 1,578.16, RAMS HEAD FINANCIAL SERVICES 200.00, KENTA. RICHINS 600.00, RIMROCKTIRE, INC. 97.91, ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER 802.81, RANDY L. ROYAL 150.00, SAFARILAND LLC 519.50, SAINT VINCENT HEALTHCARE 355.26, COLEEN SCHEELER 17.67, GENE SCHATZ 100.00, DALLEN SMITH 329.50, SOUTH BIG HORN SENIOR CITIZENS 380.13, WENDY PRESS SWEENY 969.41, SYMBOL ARTS '34.00, SYSCO FOOD SERVICES 21,886.98, TASER INTERNATIONAL 3,511.79, TOMMERUP MACHINE SHOE INC. 786.79, TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT CO. 745.92, TRACTOR GUYS INC. 41.06, TRAVELING COMPUTERS, INC. 11,583.48, TW ENTERPRISES, INC. 221.76, TYLER TECHNOLOGIES, INC 157.50, U.S. POSTAL SERVICE POSTAGE-BY-PHON 300.00, VAiSALA INC. 1,990.00, VALLEY HARDWARE 159.71, GAIL E. VANDERPLOEG, LPN 98.50, VERIZON WIRELESS 1,439.98, RANDY E. WADDELL, O.D. 225.00, LEWIS B. WALKER 3,319.83, WASHAKIE MEDICAL CENTER 296.00, WYOMING FIRE SAFETY 16.00, WYO DEPT. OF HEALTH 333.00, WYO. LAW ENFORCEMENT ACADEMY 500.00, ZONE 4 GRAPHICS AND PRINTING 75.00, TRUDY CRAFT 79.83, ROGER'S SPORT CENTER 73.50, GARY BRINK INC. 486.00 Hyde moved to go to executive session to discuss personnel issues at 11:35 am, Grant seconded and the motion was carried. The executive session was adjourned at 11:49 am with no action taken. Lori Smallwood, County Clerk: Smallwood presented letters for signature from Jim Reilly, County Auditor. Grant moved to sign the two letters as presented, Hyde seconded and the motion was carried. Smallwood presented a letter from the County Attorney requesting the Commission reconsider having an MOU with a civil attorney to relieve some of the workload of her office. The letter was tabled until 2:00 pm to discuss with Land Planning and clarify the immediate legal need. Ewen summarized the rule change information he received at a meet- ing regarding the award of Mental Health/Substance Abuse contracts. He shared his concern with local input not being considered when the mental heaith contracts are awarded. Ewen would like the commission to consider a letter being sent to clarify these concerns. The Commis- sion will consider and readdress the proposed letter at a future time. Grant moved to adjourned for lunch, Hyde seconded and the motion was carried. The session was called back to order at 1:00 pm Smallwood presented a grant agreement from the Wyoming Business Council for the Fair Grounds Multi-Purpose building, project start up forms for the Wyoming Business Council Strategic Planning grant, and a grant extension for the Daniels fund for signature. Hyde moved to approve the grant agreement between BHC and the WBC, Grant seconded and the motion was carried. Joy Hill, Land Planning: Hill presented the land planning report. Hilt also presented the work that needs to be done now that FEMA has finalized the flood hazard determinations. Hill requested that the flood plain management/administrator duties be moved out of plan- ning and zoning and to someone who has experience with this and more expertise There was discussion about what the determinations mean, how they might affect county residents, and how some of the flood plain data utilized by FEMA was not accurate. Hill informed the Commission that the counties regulations must be updated to comply with the FEMA determinations and guidelines by February 19th, 2014. Discussion determined that with help from a qualified engineer and cooperation from the County Emergency Management Coordinator, Hill should be appointed the interim County Flood Plain Administrator. The final appointment of a new administrator will be included in the resolution that will abolish the old regulations and adopt the new regula- tions. Hyde moved to have Hill update the flood plain management regulations and act as the Flood Plain Administrator, Grant seconded and the motion was carried. Ewen asked Hill for a summary of the legal assistance recently re- quested to help the commission determine the need for a civil attorney as requested by the County Attorney. Hill clarified that the issue is related to subdivided and undivided parcels and the associated taxes. Hill said this wasn't an urgent matter but was an issue that needed to be clarified so that all procedures were consistent and in accordance with pertinent state statutes. Hyde moved that the county will approve the use of a civil attorney to assist Hill with this issue, Grant seconded and the motion was carried. Kimberly Cowan, IJnette Johnson and Karen Mahan, Public Health: Cowan presented the monthly Public Health report, the pro- posed hours and schedules for both clinics, and requested the approval of the Commission to replace the Public Health Secretary position in Lovell that was vacated on August 29, 2013. Ewen confirmed that the county will abide by the current contract and will support the position as was agreed. He also reinforced that they wish to no longer have any county employees supervised by non-county employees. Cowan inquired about the Commission being part of the selection commit- tee. Ewen stated Cowan is the one that will work with that person, is responsible for that position and should make the hiring choice. Hyde concurred. Ewen shared that the current desire of the county is to support that position by providing funding to the state similar to what is done with the nurses. Cowan ask about the possibility of the county clerk sup6i-sing the cofinty positions of public health. Grant advised Cowan he didn't agree with that option. Grant ask for clarification on the state statute tha't indicated the state is responsible for immuniza- tions. Mahan clarified that without county public health offices the state would only be able to help counties with populations based services and immunizations would be for large outbreaks only. Grant clarified that the county would not renew our contracts if the admin, support is not moved to a state position. Mahan shared that the legislature would be the one to make this decision. Ewen shared that some legislators seem to be interested in changing some things about public health. Mahan shared that the County Commissioners Association was looking at ways to solve the issues as well. Ewen clarified he doesn't want to dissolve public health nursing, but he is not happy with the model as it is now. Mahan suggested there might be models that are contractual solutions instead of legislative. All involved expressed desire to make this work. Grant ask Cowan if the 4:00 pm closing of the clinic presented problems for working parents getting children immunized. Cowan shared that appointments can be made outside of normal clinic hours. Cowan pointed out that in a survey she did of services, public health was the only one currently available 40 hours a week in the Lovell area. Hyde shared his appreciation for her work to equally balance the time in both ends of the county. Cowan informed the Commission that with the cuts in administrative time the Community Service Block grant may not be reapplied for in the coming year. She shared how administratively intense the program Was and that there might not be room for that in public health in the future. Glen Whipple, Kelly Crane and Gretchen Gasvoda Kelso, Univer- sity of Wyoming: Whipple gave the Commission an overview of how the transition will happen now that Mr. Smith has resigned. Interviews to fill the Agent position will be scheduled in January/February 2014. Whipple also shared that the University will be appointing Ms. Kelso as the County Coordinator. The appointment is a 5 year term that is subject to renewal. Coordinators are responsible for the administra- tion of the office, supervision of staff, and working with the county on staff, budgets and other items as needed. Crane shared that UW considers the position an educational opportunity for their staff and that it provides good leadership opportunities. Whipple requested information on needs of the County as they conduct their search to replace Smith. Grant shared that natural resources are important to this county and that the person hired should work well and understand BLM, Forest Service, and be versed in public land issues. Ewen shared his appreciation for Smiths support to the Agricultural residents in this area and how his hands on approach was very important for our com- munity. Ewen expressed work with FFA, 4H and the County Fair were important as well. Crane shared that 1596 of an agent's time is devoted to youth development. Grant shared the concern of county employees being supervised by non-county employees and that the Commission was interested in the clerical position at the extension office becom- ing a UW employee. Whipple said this was possible and done in some other counties. Whipple will provide the cost to the county to have this position moved within the next month. The tentative plan will be to have this transition of the clerical position completed, by the close of the fiscal year. Whipple did note that one issue for other counties that Big Horn should consider is that raises are subject to UW policies and budgeting. A private citizen who was in attendance voiced that having a well-rounded Agent who didn't need to know everything but knew how to find answers was important. Kelso shared that Park County and Hot Springs County Agents are helping to serve the citizens of Big Horn County with needs while the position is vacant. Hyde moved to adjourn at 3:35 pm, Grant seconded and the motion was carried. STATE OF WYOMING ) ) COUNTY OF BIG HORN ) I, Lori SmaUwood, County Clerk and Ex-Officio of the Board of the County Commissioners, do hereby certify the above and foregoing to be a full, true and complete copy of proceedings of the Commission on September 3, 2013. Board of County Commissioners Big Horn County, Wyoming /s Jerold S. Ewen, Chairman /s Keith M. Grant, Member /s John G. Hyde, Member Attest:/s Lori Smallwood, County Clerk, Clerk of the Board Publish: September 26, 2013