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October 3, 2019     Lovell Chronicle
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October 3, 2019

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CHRONICLE 4 I The Lovell Chronicle I October 3, 2019 Here we go agairi - the third impeachment process initiated against a United States President in the last 45 years. Folks old enough well remember how our nation was tom by Richard Nixon's impeachment hearings during the Watergate affair in 1974, leading to his resignation, and by the impeachment pro- cess involving President Clinton in 1998 for perjury and obstruction of justice in the Monica Lewinsky case. He was acquitted by the U.S. Senate in 1999. The decision by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi last week to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump was made reluctantly, because the Iongtime speaker knows that the action will once again split an already fractured nation into a divide that may never be healed. Indeed, there is very little positive that can come from an im- peachment proceeding against President Trump. Any action taken by the House will surely be defeated in the Republican controlled Senate, and in the meantime, the process will suck all of the air out of the room. With opposing sides hardened and angry, little or noth- ing will get done by Congress over the next year and a half. There will be no working across the aisle during this process, not that our hyper-partisan elected leaders have worked together very much for years now. House Democrats who have been itching for months to start the process say they are not initiating the action for political reasons, but impeachment is inherently a political process. It's all about politics, and like other issues of this kind, all the subpoenas, investigations and hearings in the world aren't going to sway the most ardent sup- porters of the president in the Senate, where Republicans hold the majority. Many political pundits predict that the impeachment process will YOU KNOW ABOUT VIAGRA, RIGHT?- WELL, THIS IS DIRI KTA ~ '~" IT ENDOWS MEN WITH THE (;>E$1RE TO ASK Guest column 'es O Life does not always cooperate. In fact, there are disagreeable times that can cause one to utter rude words or take bizarre actions that only worsen an ill-mannered situation. Yep. There are dis- combobulations, ob- stacles, problems and ailments. Plus plagues of locusts. OK, may- Bob Rodriguez be not the latter, but an ly wide selection of jobs and life experiences I've had a few discourage- ments. In nearly every case matters were re- solved. (Usually in a good way.) This means that one must have an attitude of "I can deal with this" coupled with the be- lief that whatever comes next will be an improve- ment. Faith in God helps with travail of the physical kind. Asthma, pneumonia and chick- en pox as a child. Bouts of flu and strep throat after. Followed after a certain level of aging by stom, ach problems and heart attacks. Most recently I thought that my physician was insulting me be- cause I thought that he called me an SOB. Actually he was tellingme that I have Shortness of Breath al- though first I thought maybe that SOB stood for Silly Old Bob. New. tremendously, too. Now I have COPD, other- blow up in the face of the Democrats in the 2020 election, just as it,evil horde of grasshoppers this Couple all that with ",Nev- wise known as Chronic Obstruc- did with Republicans in 2000. In fact, many say that the Pres!dent,year did damage much of our er give up; never surrender like tive Pulmonary Disorder. That di- I everapoiticalbrawer, actualywelcomesthebattle-'to'c .Think "10w'gr wing vegetati n' Heck, ,Commander Jason. Nesmith::in agnosis has left me panting. But I' h; :few m 0nm frnm I?'!: llm vem.blaming the: jumpy :ine: : Galaxy.:Quest and: ,you have:e, steps ave!being, taken to,control I n, m n, Dem-ora h, lieve that it n-e n't m tter whether the, sects for the death of a trans-. Winning way. For example, when that matter so :it s like a breath: of j y planted pine tree. However, the I was booted out of the Universi- fresh air. win or lose, saying someone has to take a stand against what they believe is a presidency that has been rife with corruption, obstruction of justice and misuse of power. As for the rest of us, we will watch the proceedings with a mixture of interest and sadness as any semblance of collaboration evapo- rates. Those who hate Trump will salivate over every sordid detail, and those who support him no matter what will grow ever more an- gnj. The current impeachment process can be summed up in one word: unfortunate. For both sides. This action, no doubt in part spurred on by the president's own pugnacious ' ou're either with me or against me" method of governance, will do nothing but weaken our nation, bring any needed action on myriad issues to a standstill and throw the next 15 months into a quagmire of even greater pos- turing bickering name calling and inaction. If they want him out, wouldn't it be better for Democrats to beat Trump at the ballot box next November?. Perhaps they fear they cannot do so, or need ammunition for the election to come. Or for some, maybe they are standing on principle. One thing is for sure. There's never a dull moment when it comes to national politics. - David Peck LOVELL Publishers: David & Susan Peck Reporter: Ryan FitzmauriceStaff: Dorothy Nelson, Teressa Ennis, Production: Karlie Hammond Sam Smith, Annette Moss, Dustin McClure Kristin Owens pests are beginning to disappear ty of San Diego after my first (fail- And last week I suffered a se- due to cold weather, ing) semester, I decided to make vere reaction from a wasp sting. So, in the case of the up the F classes in summer school So for slightly more than three plant-eating hordes, by simply at a community college. And what days one finger on my left hand being patient and avoiding tern- happened? Best of all, I met the was stiff, throbbing and painful. per tantrums that would cause lovely woman who has been my my neighbor to lock his doors, the wife for 55 years. Plus, I discov- matter simply evaporated. So to eredjournalism, whichledto a job speak, at a major daily newspaper. And Perhaps my situations and my life took flight. how I've learned to deal with set- One "secret" to success is to backs and frustrations will help recognize your God-given talents. others deal with troubles that If you have a way with words and In person or by mail: 234 E. Main, Lovell, WY 82431 or Box 787, Lovell, WY 82431 Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 P. Phone 307-548-2217. FAX 307-548-2218 Email Editor dapeck00@tctwest.net News Iovellnews@gmail.com come their way. Full disclosure: a knack for taking good photos My hiccups are not always hen- well guess what could happen? dled by me in the most posi- Maybe a pretty decent career rive and efficient manner. But I'm spanning more than 50 years. Use learning and that probably is the your talents in a job that you love. key to enjoying life and increasing If you're making a ton of money longevity. Hope so. and you're not happy, you're in the During decades of existing as wrong occupation. a human being and having a fair- It's important, too, to deal Having a good attitude helped with that ailment. Not to mention keeping the finger elevated and compressed. Then I managed to damage a finger on my right hand while "fixing" our bathroom sink. That hurting, bruised and bleeding digit is much better now; I'm even able to type, in case you hadn't noticed. See what I mean by deal- ing with what comes your way? Always remember to keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out. "Never give up; never surrender." Guest column Test Yourself: Q1. What is the name of the flat, circu- lar bone that forms the kneecap? 0.2. Stefani Ger- manotta is an Amer- ican music superstar that has given more than S100 million to TRIVIA charity. By what name is she better known? By John Bemhisel 0.3. What hap- pened while the comedy play "Our American Cousin" was per- formed on April 14, 1865? 0.4. What is 330 divided by 5? Fun Facts: The rings of Saturn were like- cuss the quote, "the needs of the many out- weigh the needs of the few." It was first said by Spock in the 1982 Star Trek movie "The Wrath of Khan." Switzerland no longer has landfills. All heat. About 2 percent of Americans are natural redheads. In Ireland 10 percent have red hair. Human female babies are born with their eggs in their ova- was forced to work long days in a boot factory. For the rest of his life, much of Dickens' writ- ing helped increase awareness of London's poor. John Lennon was so amused by people trying to analyze the Beatles' lyrics that he wrote the song "Glass Onion" with the line garbage is either com- "the Walrus was Paul" just to see posted, recycled or how people reacted. This was one efficiently burned toyear after the release of the song produce electricity or "I Am the Walrus." Answers: A1. The patella. (Babies aren't born with a patella bone. It takes about four years to form.) A2. Lady Gage A3. John Wilkes Booth shot Advertising ad.chr0nicle@gmail.c0m ly formed when two small moons ries. That means that a pregnant President Lincoln. (Booth timed collided and shattered into piec- mother carrying a, girl has half the shots so they wouldn't be ION: 307-548-2217 es a few million years ago. Had a her grand-children s DNA inside heard over the laughter.) Big It0rn County $3S/year In Wyoming $501year Out of state $58 Single copy $1 velociraptor looked through her her. A4. 66 (to divide by five, telescope 80 million years ago, When Charles Dickens was 10 take off the zero and double the Mail your check with address to: Lovell Chronicle, P.O. Box 787, Lovell, WY 82431 she wouldn't have seen rings,years old his father was thrown number.) Postmaster- Send address changes to: Lovell Chronicle, P.O. Box 787, Lovell, WY 82431 Philosophy classes often dis- into debtors prison and Charles For more fun, yoUow @triviafrenzy. Published Thursdays in Lovell, Wyoming THE SECRET 15 r . lo-I Periodicals postage paid at Lovell, Wyoming. USPS 321-060 I ! [ rl, TO WRITE," / ! I / 4Y ;,vt w.A You I LETTERS POLICY: The L ve!l Chr nicle welcomes letters fr m ! t ! } '') ii // l[ its readers and will make every effort to print them. Letters .: longer than 400 words may not be printed. Letters must he : i signed and include the address and telephone number of the V writer. Unsigned letters will be discarded, All letters must /V ', tl c nf rm to the law f libel and be in g d taste' They may i i be mailed to The Lovell Chronicle, Box 787, Lovell, WY 82431, or delivered to our office at 234 E. Main' or emailed to Iovellnews@gmail.com. A strict 1 PM Tuesday deadline will be enforced, www.tundracomics.con~