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October 4, 2012     Lovell Chronicle
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October 4, 2012

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4 I The Lovell Chronicle I October 4, 2012 CHRONICLE Engines spur The citizens of Lovell have been tar- geted by many seam artists recently, and we would like to warn you all of common scams and schemes that we are seeing in our area. We have also in- cluded national seams and schemes because as soon as one seam starts to fail they have another that they start. Common seams and schemes in our area: Your son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter is in jail and needs bond money. --SCAM You receive a large check in the mail and they advise you to deposit the check and send them some of the money so they can "re- lease" a larger sum of money. Usu- ally, they want you to send money by Western Union. - SCAM You receive a phone call from someone telling you they are from the Wyoming Peace Officers or Wyoming Chiefs and Sheriffs As- sociation and they are asking for donations. -- SCAM Chief Nick Lewis Cop Beat You receive a phone call asking for personal information such as date of birth, social security number, banking information including bank account number, etc. -- SCAM You receive a phone call from some- one telling you they are from the FBI or a bank and they are checking on your information be- cause they believe you have been scammed. They ask for your per- sonal information over the phone. -- SCAM You are told over the phone or through the mail that you have a large sum of money waiting for you and all you have to do is send a money order, cash or check to have it released to you. Usually they want you to send it by West- ern Union. -- SCAM You are asked to send money by Western Union or sign some- thing right now and you don't have time to check it out. -- SCAM If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Letter to the editor op,mon Dear Editor, any such increases would be neg- It appears Mr. Szlemko's view ligible. There could be a modest of Frannie, from 20 miles away in change in the property tax assess- Lovell, may be a bit blurred. So, ment (by the Park County Asses- hopefully, this letter may clear sor) and a small amount of sales things up for him. tax revenue. This new revenue First, the reporting of our would probably not even cover our town's recent hearing on a liquor town's utility bills for one month. license application contained re- Third, Mr. Szlemko accuses peated references to a restaur . our towmof harboring a "vendet- This was also the case wiih ta against a person." This seems Szlemko's letter. While a restau- to suggest that if the "right" per- rant might be welcome in our com- son came along and applied for munity the reality is that a town a license for a second bar the li- has no way of holding a liquor li- cense would be approved. In my cense applicant to a promise to set mind the issue was NOT who up a restaurant. Our town could was applying for a license, the is- grant a liquor license for a second sue was should there be a second bar (assuming we wanted to), and bar in Frannie. As Mr. Szlemko the license holder is legally free acknowledged our town is much to limit his business to a bar, and smaller than Lovell. Specifical- nothing more, despite what may ly, our population is 157. Unlike have been promised at the appli- Lovell, we are not blessed with cation hearing, the resources to maintain a police This is not to suggest the ap- force on a 24/7 basis. Frannie's plicants were misrepresenting limited resources do not allow for themselves at the hearing. How- even a town marshall. So, under ever, people with good intentions such circumst&nces, allowing a can encounter unexpected circum- second bar could be seen as cast- stances which can prevent them ing caution to the wind. from following through on their Finally, Mr. Szlemko also ac- original plans. During the hear- cuses our town of"asking the rest ing the owner of the Frannie Bar of the (Big Horn) county residents commented that she had tried of- to pay an increased sales tax... fering a full service menu in her to pay for (our town's) improve- establishment but was forced to ments." As I'm sure Mr. Szlemko drop this service due to lack of de- is aware, all nine Big Horn Coun- mend. ty municipalities have proposed Mr. Szlemko makes reference improvements which, if viewed as in his letter to Lovell's Brandin' a single project, will make a sub- Iron Restaurant. As Mr. Szlemko stantial improvement to Big Horn will recall, the Brandin' Iron pre- County as a whole. viously operated as Lange's Kitch- Mr. Szlemko, contrary to your en. In Frannie, the building pro- allegations, Frannie is not anti- posed as the bar and restaurant, business and it is certainly not unlike the Brandin' Iron, has no anti-jobs. However, if it is a crime previous history as a restaurant, to exercise common sense and Second, with regard to Mr.good judgment in evaluating new Szlemko's allegation that our business coming into our town town has, through the rejec- then weplead"guilty." tion of a liquor license for a sec- ond bar, shunned an increase in Jack Cordner, Mayor our tax base, I would submit that Town of Frannie 2012 MEMBER 2011 AWARD-WINNING NEWSPAPER Postmaster: Send address changes to: The Lovell Chronicle, USPS 321-060 234 E. Main, Lovell, Wyoming 82431 (307) 548-2217 Published every Thursday Periodical postage paid at Lovell, Wyoming Editor and Publisher: David Peck Reporter: Patti Carpenter Staff: Gladys McNeil, Pat Parmer, Dorothy Nelson, Marwyn Layne, Teressa Ennis, Jason Zeller, Cheryl Jolley, Stormy Jameson www. LovellChronicle.com For many people, independence is spelled "car." Or "pickup truck." Or any vehicle with an engine that allows its owner (or folks who borrow motor vehi- cles with or without permission) to hit a highway, roll on a roadway, blitz a boule- vard or streak on a street. Yes, we depend on our machines to get us from point A to point Z with stops in-between. We enjoy the freedom. As long as one has enough time plus money for gasoline, whether for a road trip, to run errands or simply cruise, our horse- less carriages provide hours (sometimes days if it's a long trip) of being foot loose and fancy free. Something like that. During my years of driving, which be- gan with three moving violations at the tender age of 16 during the first four months after obtaining my cov- eted license in California, I've seen plenty of examples of drive-through businesses that cater to our automo- tive whims. Like many, I recall drive-in restaurants, some with car hops on skates. Drive-ins preceded drive-through eateries, the so-called fast food feeders. Now such "restaurants" are commonplace. There are many varieties. We can purchase food, soft drinks, ice cream treats, doughnuts or coffee from such locations. We can handle our banking at drive-up windows. But there are plenty of other ex- amples, some a bit unusual. For instance, it appears that drive-through flu shots will be offered in the Lovell area next month. Maybe if you drive through fairly rapidly the shot won't hurt. Drive-up blood pressure tests could be interesting, too. I've seen drive-through dry cleaning establish- ments and attended a service at a drive-in church in Escondido, Calif., years ago. The preacher's sermon came through speakers just like at a drive-in movie theater. The preacher was visible, as he stood on a platform where the screen would be as at a drive-in theater. The collection was conducted by ushers on foot. One nice factor was that you could dress casu- ally, even not wear shoes if you didn't want to, be- cause you never had to leave your vehicle. I envi- sioned some people wearing their Sunday-best from the waist up and shorts below. Maybe. Some police departments have drive-up windows for paying fines. A few years ago a man drove up to one in Seattle and ordered a burger and a shake. The police employee told the guy, "OK," and the next thing the driver knew, he was being arrested for driving while intoxicated. Didn't get his burger or shake either. I've seen a drive-through funeral parlor. That's right. The mourners could drive around the build- ing while listening to a eulogy on their radios. At one part of the building there was a large picture window with the de- ceased in his or her casket turned slight- ly toward the window so that those who came (driving) to pay their respects could see them clearly. That's an example of ex- treme laziness (driving around instead of walking in), but you see where our autos have taken us. In some places we've lived there were drive-through dairy product stores. We Bob could get milk, cheese, eggs and so on, Rodriguez brought to us by attendants. What was that I said about laziness? Some states have drive-up liquor stores. Somehow that doesn't seem right, but they exist. For our engine escapes we also now have drive- through oil and lube businesses. You do have to stop the car, but most places likethat guarantee 10 rain- utes or so to do the job. Of course, you might have to wait 15 minutes before it's your turn, but that's life in the fast lane. One extreme example of adapting a car so that the owner never had to leave it is the 1947 Cadillac displayed at the San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park. After the conversion, which cost own- er Louie Mattar $75,000 and five years, he and two other men in 1952 established a cross-country en- durance record by driving the Cadillac from San Di- ego to New York City and back without stopping. Their trip totaled 6,320 miles and required refueling from a moving gas truck three times. The car holds 50 gallons of water, with a reserve of 30 gallons in the trailer towed by the Caddy. The trailer also holds 230 gallons of gas and 15 gallons of oil besides a dining area at the end. Although cramped, the car had an electric stove, a refrigera- tor, a washing machine, a chemical toilet, an ironing board, a medicine cabinet and a kitchen sink. Mat- tar also included a mobile telephone, a tape record- er, a bar and a public address system with speakers in the trailer and on the hood of the car. On the right running board is a shower and at the rear taillight is a drinking fountain. The car au- tomatically refills the radiator and changes the oil, and the axles are drilled, which allows the tires to be inflated while turning. Hydraulic jacks allow the wheels to be raised for changing while moving. This could be accomplished from a movable platform that attaches to the car. Clear panels in the hood allow the car to be driven while the hood is open for re- pairs or adjustments. That Cadillac indeed demonstrates life in the fast lane, ,,, ...... ,4.b~ Letters to the editor Dear Editor, area would provide another place to use it for cross-country track We have had questions askedfor visitors to spend addition- events. We may not all play golf, about how and why our projects al time. We have a great history but we do benefit from having it were selected for the proposed 6th and many local families that have as part of our community. Cent Specific Use Tax. The ques- items that would be shared if we The Rodeo Grounds desper- tion will come up for your consid- had a place to display them. Ad- ately need to have improvements eration on the November ballot, ditional time in our town can also made. It is like the chicken and the A public hearing/open housetranslate into additional tourist egg. Which comes first? We must was held on April 5, 2012, to dis- dollars spent here. Additional dol- begin developing the grounds if cuss the museum idea and to lars spent here means additional we want to have additional events gather any other suggestions the sales tax dollars that will help us and more people using it. This public might have. Needed im- with the payment of these proj- Specific Use Tax would allow us provements to the rodeo grounds, ects. to begin that process to make the the need for additional cart space The Foster Gulch Golf Course grounds into a place we can all be at the golf course and the need als0 plays an important role in proud to use. to pave the roads not currently drawing people to town. The We have several streets with- paved were ideas received from course is currently being used by in the town that have never been the public at that hearing. These many local residents, and manypaved. This Special Use Tax improvements were then added to others come from around the area would allow us to complete these the list for the Specific Use Tax to play here. With this additional streets in the areas that badly proposal as viable needs for our use also comes the need to provide need them. Those in the immedi- community. All of these projects a place to store additional carts ate areas will benefit as will all of will, in one way or another, ben- that can be housed for the sum- us that may drive in those loca- efit each of us. It will be different mer. People from outside the area tions. for each of us. can leave the cart for the summerWe feel these projects will With an estimated 10,000 therefore making this the course benefit each of us differently and visitors stopping at the National they continue to come back to also can be very beneficial to our Park Service Visitors Center dur- throughout the year. The schools community as a whole. ing the summer months, a muse- locally also use the golf course for Mayor Bruce Morrison um dedicated to the Lovell-Kane golf tournaments and the ability inor Dear Editor, wasting your vote. I would say to government debt and more gov- The general election is com- take a look over the past 20 some ernment intrusion. I have heard ing up and we will all have some years and see what has happened, that the definition of insanity is to decisions to make--who are we Some presidents have been repub- do the same thing over and over going to vote for? All the candi- licans and some have been demo- again expecting a different result. dates will be lined up with the crats. Have their actions been any Our founding fathers knew names of their respective po- different from each other? Un-that a two-party system would re- litical party spelled out next to der each party the federal gov- sult in corruption where the par- them. We will, of course, see Re- ernment has expanded and has ties would essentially merge into publican and Democrat, but that reached its hands further and fur- the mirror image of each other will not be all. There will also be ther down into the personal lives (with a few differences) and vie a few candidates for offices at the of the people. I would say that a for power over the other. John federal level from the Constitu- vote for one of the two major par- Adams said, "There is nothing tion Party, the Libertarian Party ties is a wasted vote as there is which I dread so much as a divi- and the Country Party. Who are little to no difference between the sion of the republic into two great they and why would anyone vote two. parties, each arranged under its for them? What it comes down to is this: leader, and concerting measures The question I ask is why Each of the major two parties has in opposition to each other. This, would you vote for one of the two a goal, but neither is to protect in my humble apprehension, is to major parties? If it is because you freedom. The goal of each is to be dreaded as the greatest politi- truly believe in what they stand obtain and maintain power overcal evil under our Constitution." for, then great, you should vote the other. This is what they haveA quick Google search will for them. If, however, you have been doing and have trampled take you to the national and state come to realize what I have, you the Constitution in the process, websites of the parties mentioned just might say that a vote for the Do we expect anything differ- in my first paragraph. Look them lesser of two evils is not a vote for ent now? Sure, they promise you up, see what they stand for and liberty and freedom, everything and sometimes even make sure your vote reflects your Some would say that if you make you feel like you are getting true beliefs. vote for a minor party you are it. But it always results in more Gareth Robertson