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October 21, 2010     Lovell Chronicle
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October 21, 2010

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22 I The Lovell Chronicle ) October 21, 2010 www. LovellChronicle.com PUB LIC N()TICES ELECTIO.N DA!E: NOVEMBER 2, 2OlO (TO BE ADVERTISED IN THE LOVELL CHRONICLE ONLY) Lovell District 20-01, National Guard Armory; Cowley District 22-01, Cowley Log Gym; Byron District 23-01, Byron Town Complex; Dearer District 25- 01, Community Hall; Frannie District 26-01, School Building Please Note: The names of candidates will be rotated by arecinet (W.S. 22-6-122) on the official ballots and will eat always appear in the order indicated on the sample ballots below. The County Clerk is required to publish sample ballots (W.S. 22-6-105) and the designation of polling places (W.S. 22-12-101). UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE TWO Year Term v For One O) JOHN V. LOVE ueE&apos;Rr ,, CYNTHIA M. LUMMIS O' DAVID WENDT  ,, GOVERNOR r-o Ye Term MIKE WHEELER MATr MEAD REPI 0 LESLIE PETERSEN DEMOCRATIC 0 SECRETARY OF STATE FOUR Year T vo For One (I) _ CANOICE DE LkAT LIBERTkJ MAX MAXFIELD , ANDREW SIS OEkTIC STATE AUDITOR FOUR Yew Term Vote For One (1) <E> CYNTHIA CLOUD 0 Wfll,in , STATE TREASURER FOUR Yeor Tern VFor(t) ,.. JOE MEYER 0 ' Wdte. STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION FOUR Year Term Vote For One (I) ,__-, CINDY HILL M(E MASSIE DEklooI SCHOOt.  TRUSI- AREA C-BURI.IHGTON DIS t FOUR Year Term vo= For Or= (1)  TRICIA DESPAIN AAGARD SCHOOL DIBTRIOT TRUSTEE AREA D.COWLEY DISTRICT 1 FOUR Year Term Vote For One (t) DAVID R. MONK O Wp-= SCHOOL DBTRtcT TRUSTEE AT LARGE DISTRICT 1 Une'41ed TWO ( Yeet TI vFor(1) E CROSBY ' tV , DISTRICT TRUSTEE AREA A DEAVER-FRANN]E DISTRICT t texp TWO (2) Year Term Vo For One (1) JOAN M. ER 0 I I mE PROTECT DIRECTOR FIRE--S FOUR YewTwm VOle For (I) , DAN ZWEMER .. OIANA BALUNGER STATE SEHATOR DISTRICT lg R31. Year Term v For One (1) ', R. RAY PETERSON STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 26 TWO Year Tern VF=(1) *._J ELAINE D. HARVEY REKIB.O  ,,, :): BIG HORN COUNTY COMMISSIONER FOUR Year Tem V0te For H01 more TI Two (2)  KEITH GRANT REReuc . THOMAS S, HINMAN REP BIG HORN COUNTY CORONER FOUR Y Term Vote For One (t)  DEL ATWO(O) JR. BIG HORN COUNTY ATTORNEY FOUR Year Term V For One (1) "' MICHELLE BURNS 0  , BIG HORN COUNTY SHEmFF Year Term Wt= F= One (1) '.-> KEN BLACKBURN REPu BIG HORN COUNTY CLERK FOUR Year Tefln Vm For One0) ::' DORI NOYES ' CATHERINE C. STUBER ............ i  BCHOOL DISTRICT TRUSTEE AT LARGE DISTRICT 3 FOUR Year Term Voe For I more Than Four (4) - JAMtE FUTNER .... DAVID G. HALLER 'C MYRON 'MIKE' MEREDITH C. JEAN PETTY -- W .--.. SCHOOL DISTRICT TRUSTEE AT LARGE BSTRiCT 1 FOUR Year Term Vote For Not more ThT (2) , DIANA S. BALLINGER ,--, PAUL RASMUSSEN ---C- KOLEEN SPONSEL ,l [ FIRE PROTECTION DIRECTOR RRE DISTRICT t FOUR Yr Term Vote For One O) .Z'. MICHAEL H, LEONHARDT .... w,- BIG HORN COUNTY TREASURER FOUR Year Term v For One (1) c_'. BECKY A. LINDSEY '--J w BIG HORN COUNTY ASSESSOR FOUR Year Temm vo Foone O) GtNA ANDERSON RERJeUC BIG HORN COUNTY CLERK OF DI'NCT COURT FOUR Year Term V For One (I) '-' VICKIE LARCHICK REI "'i / TOWN MAYOR LOVELL FOUR Year Te Vole FO One (I) STEPHEN C. FOWLER .-' BRUCE MORRISON 0 I TOWN COUNCIL LOVELL FOUR Year Term Vote For Not mum m Two (2) , : RICK L. BANKS C, KEVIN JONES L GAFIRETT PIKE BRUCE WOLSEY '- wr. TOWN MAYOR BYRON FOUR Yew Term Vote For One (t) --*:-- BRETGEORGE :_3, GARY PETRICH v' wrq TOWN COUNCIL BYRON FOUR Year T We For Nol more  Two (2) , ALAN J. BAIR ,! DENNISCOZZENS ...: LINDA NEVILLE . KARMA SANDERS v we-iq ..... TOWN MAYOR COWLEY FOUR Year Te v For One (I)  CAROLYNBARNES ,' JOELD. PETERSON ! TOWN COUNCIL COWLEY FOUR Year Term Vote FO Not mere  Two (2) ''-'. DIANE BADGET ._. DAVID V. BANKS .> FRANK BRIMHALLWEINAND , i, t K.IOOL DirRICT E AT LAFIGE DISTRICT t FOUR Year Ten V=e Foc Not more Thin Three (3) MARIANNE R GRANT BRUCE H. JOLLEY NICK LEWIS ' JUDY RICHARDS  , w .",. , ._'::-';" ,; ..... ':.  4 .;"; " -L r':.(:'-';,( HOtfltAL TRUSTEE DF..AVER.FRANNIE NORTH BIG HORN COUNTY FOUR Y Tern vo FurOre0) "--'-v PATRICK BALUNGER, SR. 0 wn HOSPITAL TRUSTEE BYRON-COWLEY NORTH BIG HORN COUNTY FOUR Year Teem Vole FOr One (I) :, BRE'n" CROSBY ' w For ClrcuR Court Judge, for a regular four (4) year term Shau Judge Ttmmas W. Hardngton be retained in oflrce? :-:: YES  NO Fo Clroult Court Judge, Ior regular four (4) year term Shall Judge Bruce B. Waters be retained in off,.e? ': YES  NO .i::. ,':':::':, 7" . : :i: -S;',' :,,:::!F. '::...: . ,4'i ) ! :". "':':';z' " '" ': " SENIOR crrIENS SERVICE BISECT I NORTH BIG HORN COUNTY' TRUSTEE I SENIOR cmZEN service NOra m HO.. COUNTy Oml".r TAx LW CEMETERY 11=tU'EE LOVELL FOUR Yw Ten Vote For Nol more Than Thee {3) 0 JERRYTIPPETTS o MLKE JAMESON 0 WILLIAM B. JOHNSEY 0 write-in --J wdle. ,, , = , . . CONSERVATION SUPERVISOR AT LARGE SHOSHONE FOUR YeaTerm Vote For One (I) 0 RUSSELL BOARDMAN CONSERVATION SUPERVISOR RURAL SHOSHONE FOUR Year T vFoOneO) 0 REED WILLIAMS CONSERVATION JPERVISOR URBAN SHOSHONE FOUR Year Term vo For One {!) 0 ALLAN P. CLARK ' v' '..'. ;...:..,:,:,'-:...-.::.'..:.' =i" ',. ,:, : ....... . :..,:,1 ,f ...... ,. .,.+: ,:, . . . . HOSIrAL TRUSTEE AT LARGE NORTH BIG HORN COUNTY FOUR Yea, Term VoW For No(morn Than Two (2) DEE COZZENS ,.._..- LINOA L. NEVILLE c BRUCE WACER ' t=,ff I WIM'In TOWN MAYOR FRANNIE FOUR Ye T VoCe For One (I) ,..__:, JACK CORDNER ,' JERRY DART W TOWN COUNCIL FRANNIE FOUR Year Term Vale For NO( m='e  Two (2) C. JAMES BEARD '. RICHARD KELLY '"" MARTYEROEDEL 0 KEITH R. SAUNDERS TWO () YwTm v,e Rx IX m0'nm Rye (S) ,-, LORETTA H. TIPPE1TS ., BARBARA C. WALKER ,_- DUEANE CALVIN 0 AES M HASKINS 0 RON MCCLURE wr For Juatice of the Supreme Court, for a regular eight (8) year term Shall Juetloe Barto Voigt be retained in office? , YES i For Justice of the Supreme Court, for regular eight (8) year term Shstl Justk:e Madlyn S. Kite be retained m ofte? For Judge A of the District Court of the Fifth Judicial District, for a regular six (6) year term Shall Judge Robert E. Skar be retained  oiee? TOWN MAYOR DEAVER FOUR Year Ten v For One(i) ,.., FRED YATES 0 DONALD G. WENSTROM, JR TOWN COUNCIL DEAVER FOUR Yeor Term Vo For No( more Than Two (2) 0 MARKCO77ENS ,... GARY C. FULBRIGHT Sha the North Big Hum County  Omn Serve continue mmAng m  a mexlmum levy of 1 mill (not to exceed 1 mill) be krnp on Ihe taabte property ol the t? NORTH BIG HORN HOSPITAL DISTRICT TAX LEVY "Shall the North Big Hum Hospit= District be authorized to levy an additional 3 mill= as provided by W.S. 35-2-414 for a period not to exceed tour (4) years, tO provide sufficient lunds ( the nued otat ol the hospital and nursing home?" 0 FOR o AGAINST TOWN OF LOVELL LODGING TAX Shall the To of Well, Big I- County, Smte ol Wyin be authodzed to continue to collect an excise laX at a rote of two percent (2%) upon the sales prk;e pakl lor Iooing sen,ic as  under W.S. 39-15-204 (aXi). the .min'ry- purpose of is for local travel and tour otlon? c. FOR Z-:.- AGAINST CFJIETERY TRUSTEE BYRON FOUR Year Tem Vote For Nol mum Than 13wee (3) " FRITZ SCHWEITZER ":::> EDWARD GIFFORD , Mg.TON MEIER 0 CEMETERY COWLEY FOUR Y T Vole FOr Nol me T'nv (3) JAN ELLIS 0 LILA STEED 0 JAMES H. DONLEY 0 0 0 w CEleRY TRUSTEE OEAVER-FRANNIE FOUR Year Term Vo fr NOl mac TI T |3) C:., GARY PATrERSON LA E  0 FREDWAMBEKE m Contact us at 307-548-2217 * FAX 307-548-2218 * email Icnews@tctwest.net