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October 28, 2010     Lovell Chronicle
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October 28, 2010

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www.LovellChronicle.com October 28, 2010 I The Lovell Chronicle 121 TOWN OF BYRON Bret George Mayor Alan Bair BIOGRAPHY: I was raised on a farm outside Cody and graduated from Cody High School. I attended Northwest College and Chad- ron State College, where I received my bachelor's degree in indus- trial technology education. I also received my master's degree in education administration from Chadron State College. I currently teach industrial education at Lovell High School, where I have been working for 10 years. In 1994 1 married a Byron native and we moved to Byron in 1999. We have six children ranging in ages from 14 to 2. Council BIOGRAPHY: I have lived in Byron for the past 39 years during which time I have had the opportunity to work for 11 years as school superintendent and 20 years with NEPECO. THE CHRONICLE RECEIVED NO RESPONSE FROM THE FOLLOWING CANDIDATE: Gary Petrich Mayor Karma Sanders Council BIOGRAPHY: I was born in Greybull and raised most of my life in Byron. I attended Byron High School and after graduation I at- tended Northwest College and then Brigham Young University, where I received a bachelor's degree in elementary education. I re- ceived my master's degree from Kansas State University. Ltaught fifth grade for six years in Cuba, Kan. and then became a principal in LaCrosse, Kan. for eight years. I decided to move home to Byron and be closer to family so I applied and got a principal job for Big Horn County School District No. 1. I was middle school principal for two years and then added elementary for an additional 2 years. During the past five years I have been the principal at Rocky Mountain Elementary in Cowley. Linda NeVille Council BIOGRAPHY: I was born in Redmond, Ore., and have resided in Washington, Idaho, Utah, California and Wyoming. Education: High school and college in California and Utah; Spouse: E. Den- ney NeVille, Children: Krystal May, Amber May, Celeste NeViUe, Camille NeVille and Jordan NeVille. Eight grandchildren. Moved to Byron in 1976. Worked as an administrative assistant at North Big Horn Hospital for 21 years. Retired June 2007. Elected to the North Big Horn Hospital Board of Trustees in 2006. Dennis Cozzens Council Questions00 WHAT PROMPTED YOU TO SEEK OFFICE OR TO SEEK RE-ELECTION? GEORGE: I have been interested in seeking public office for several years. This inter- est is prompted primarily by my belief in the responsibility of citizens to contribute to improving their communities. I also plan on continuing to live and raise my family in Byron and I'm interested in its future. BAIR: I would like to see the mayor and coun- cil adopt the philosophy of "keep it simple and within budget, keep it fair and equita- ble to everyone, and keep it open and hon- estY' I see the role of mayor and the coun- cil as facilitators of the public good and the protectors of individual rights. I would like to work toward the day that everyone in town feels like they are a part of the de- cision making process, that their thoughts and ideas have been considered, and and they do not feel that the town is out to get them. As a council person I am willing to take counsel from citizens who have knowl- edge and experiences beyond or different from my own. NEVILLE: Prior to being appointed by May- or Milton Meier to replace Joy Mulholland  .eiByron'wh Ccl in July Of 2009,: -T-en]o'yd wkfig" with the Lunchroom Building Committee, utilizing grant fund- ing from the Wyoming Business Council to remodel the Lunchroom Building into our present beautiful town hall and By- ron Museum. I am currently the liaison for the Town of Byron working with the Byron High School Facility Committee, which is actively researching businesses and grant funding for the utilization of the school building. I would like to continue working with these committees and to work with the mayor and council to develop other pro- grams to address issues in our community, i.e,, the equitable distribution and neces- sary reimbursement of our raw water sys- tem, research funding for the covering of ditches and the beautification of our com- munity. SANDERS: I decided to run for Byron Town Council to become more involved in the community. I am interested in the future of Byron and the direction that things are heading. I felt that it was time that I be- came involved rather than just sitting back and watching. WHAT ARE YOUR QUALIFICATIONS FOR OFFICE - STRENGTHS, EXPERIENCE, LEADERSHIP STYLE, ETC.? GEORGE: One of the main qualifications I would bring to this office is my experience in a variety of leadership roles such as serv- ing as a committee chairman, conducting meetings and volunteer church and commu- nity service. I feel that my master's course- work and internship taught me a lot about administration and leadership in general. As a leader I feel it's important to keep the channels of communication open. I believe in delegating responsibilities in a way that utilizes the strengths of others. As a leader I have tried to facilitate collaboration in an effort to bring together the best of what in- dividuals have to offer. BAIR: I have had the pleasure of serving two terms as mayor in Byron, one term on the town council, six years as municipal judge, one term on the Byron Cemetery District Board and a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission. I am encouraged by the quality of the candidates running for town council positions. Each has unique strengths and I believe I can work well with any new council person as well as those re- maining on the council. I believe that my strengths lie in many years of experience in public administration dealing with a va- riety of problems and situations. NEVILLE: My background working in the healthcare industry has provided experi- ences working with 13 CEOs, staff, doctors, patients and their families, vendors and NBHH trustees. The healthcare industry requires an understanding of compliance with state and federal requirements, which also applies to municipalities. With retire- ment I have time to work on committees and help develop programs, etc., for the bet- terment of our community. like to see accomplished in the next four years. First and foremost are more public involvement in town governance and more communication between the town and the public. Related to communication is the need to assure that no discussion takes place in executive session that is not an- nonnced in public meetings prior to recess- ing into executive session. Also, the council must strive to limit topics of discussion in executive session to only those topics autho- rized by law. Effective communication on the part of the town requires a willingness to have open discussions about issues. NEVILLE: Overall town improvement, streets, sidewalks, properties, main street lighting, median strip, utilization of school building, addressing the raw water issue to name a few. I have enjoyed working with the Mayor and our present Council and am looking forward to working with those who are elected for the next four years, if elect- ed. Issues: Vacated School Building: Cur- rently working with Byron High School Facility Committee to assess possible utili- zation of building. Improve infrastructure, that interferes as little as possible in the lives of individuals. BAIR: I would like to assist in making town council meetings more productive by run- ning them in a more business-like manner. A kinder and more compassionate approach to the enforcement of town ordinances is also a priority, which should greatly dimin- ish the large expenditures being made for legal fees. NEVILLE: Encourage the transparency of the town government; assure that town programs are run efficiently, economically and according to codes and statutes, and provide a safe and peaceful community to live in. Encourage growth that is reason- able and appropriate for our community; determine effective use of town funds; work with town government for the improvement and beautification of the community; as- sess daily services for efficiency and effec- tiveness. SANDERS: I believe that we need to really look at the budget and expenditures and prioritize what the citizens see as most im- portant and provide them with the services SANDERS: I have no experience in public of- i.e., streets, sidewalks, raw water, parks, that they expect from a town. :. i i lt I.' have 22 years in education with etc., that would invite businesses, a, r#4-, ........ " 17 of them being an a/tmitrator. My r61 ..... ! :: det/[ihi' fowth2 ........ ' " '* ' ' :iHOW'AN YOU:MAKE A DIFFERENCE as a principal has given me many oppor- SANDERS: I would like to see the town (coun- ON THE TOWN COUNCIL? tunities for learning, dealing with public, making decisions and understanding poli- cy. WHAT CHANGES WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE HAPPEN IN YOUR COMMUNITY AND/OR ON THE COUNCIL IF YOU ARE ELECTED? ARE THERE ISSUES THAT NEED TO BE ADDRESSED? GEORGE: Byron has faced some really tough challenges in the last several years through the loss of our schools. I feel that one of the important issues we face right now is the need for a feeling of unity within our com- munity. I hope to assist in having an atmo- sphere where the town government and its constituents have a mutual feeling of trust, respect and understanding. I like some of the things our previous administrations have done in this effort such as regular newsletters and the mayor's lunch. As a mayor I would like town members to feel I am approachable, even when we may dis- agree. I also want them to know that I will listen to them and consider what they have to say. A big issue facing the town that I'm interested in is the future of the high school. This has the potential to provide great op- portunities for the town. I have been ac- tively involved in this process so far, and as a mayor I would continue to make that a priority as we look to the future. Howev- er, I feel strongly that this building should not impose a financial burden on the town. In taking into consideration other demands on the town's budget I think it's important that we look to alternative ways of pay- ing for things. This includes seeking out grants, volunteer effort, and private do- nations. We will all have to work together to find innovative ways to meet the wants and needs of our town. BAIR: There are a number of things I would cil and mayor) work to help people. Many problems can be resolved if you listen and try to find ways to help. People move to a small community because they desire that kind of lifestyle. I would like to see that small town life style maintained and at the same time help the people in the commu- nity receive the services that they need. I think that Title 11 Continues to be a con- cern and how it is enforced and what it means to people as they move to Byron and as residents desire to make improvements on their property. WITH TIGHT BUDGETS FACING OUR COMMUNITIES, WHAT ARE YOUR PRIORITIES FOR YOUR COMMUNITY IN REGARD TO EXPENSES? GEORGE: I believe that budget cuts are per- haps the biggest issue facing the town right now. I would like to see a priority placed on considering the future of Byron's infra- structure. We would all like to see growth in the town, and to do that we need to have a plan for utility expansion, zoning consid- erations and basic maintenance of roads, parks and utilities. In carrying out these plans I feel that we need to see our town employees as a vital part of the process. As a council we have to provide the necessary supports for them to be able to do their job. I also feel it is important as we consider fu- ture growth to keep the small-town feeling of Byron. I think people who live in a small town value the freedoms we have here that aren't always available to people in larg- er communities. I believe in a government GEORGE: My hope would be to bring' to the town government someone who can work with all types of people. I believe strongly that the processes of government should be open and fair for everyone regardless of who they're related to, how much money they make or who they know. I am commit- ted to the time and effort required of this office, and as mayor I would do my best to make a positive difference for Byron. BAIR: A goal of the town council should be to reach out with fellowship to every citizen in town so that everyone feels included, ac- cepted and valued. Perhaps a self-evalua- tion and a public evaluation of the council should be undertaken mid-term. How else can the council remain on target and re- sponsive to the needs of all citizens? I sub- scribe to the great American symbol of in- dependence and freedom expressed on the Gadsden flag: "Don't Tread on Me." As a council person it shall be my motto, "I'll not tread upon another: NEVILLE: By listening to community mem- bers, working with mayor, council and staff, and utilizing the skills I have gained from work and board experience to promote the unification of the town government and to provide a safe, beautiful and business in- viting community to reside in. SANDERS: I bring my years of experience in school administration. I hope that this ex- perience will help me stay focused on the issues, keep a level head, listen and then make wise decisions. SUPPORTING C INDY H ILL Draw the Line HaynesForGovernor.co00il The U.S. Constitution IS my Platform ........ I Will Uphold First Amendment Rights and Voluntary Prayer in School ".0.::: f" I Will Protect Citizens' Right to Own and Carry Firearms " I Will Work to Promote & Protect Stronger Private Property Rights for Everyone If" I Will Vigorously Exercise Ninth & Tenth Amendment Powers of Wyoming m" I Will put Wyoming Lands and Resources back into Wyoming Hands el" I Will Work with Legislators to Nullify Unconstitutional Federal Mandates such as Obamacare, Financial Reform and the Endangered Species Act m" I Will Control the State's Budget and Present a Business-Friendly Tax Climate I am not an Attorney I Will live up to my Sworn Oath of Office to the US Constitution & the People of Wyoming IP I Will NOT Negotiate Wyoming Citizens' Liberty in any way or form TAYLOR HAYNES FOR GOVERNOR - WRITE ME IN AS WYOMING'S NEXT GOVERNOR! Fill in^,, ............................................................. ......................... i v 00,TayI0r Ihy.es i the o a,, b ........................................................................................ Write L WrRa.ln Him In! Sen. Gerald Geis Agriculture Committee Sen. Ray Peterson Appropriations Committee Rep. Lorraine Quarberg Majority Whip We enthusiastically support Cindy Hill for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Her vision for education in Wyoming is solid. PLEASE VOTE ON Nov. 2