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November 4, 2010     Lovell Chronicle
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November 4, 2010

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J 4 I The Lovell Chronicle I November 4, 2010 www. LovellChronicle.com A "seismic shift" on Tuesday, but Will Congress listen? Political pundits like to use natural disaster terminology when describing large election defeats or turnarounds, so lots of grandiose terms like landslide, tidal wave and seis- mic shift were used Tuesday night and Wednesday to de- scribe the incredible Republican swing in Tuesday's general election. The GOP picked up at least 60 seats to take control of the House of Representatives and at least six seats in the Senate, with three elections still too close to call as of Wednesday morning. Even if the Senate stays in the hands of the Democrats, the filibuster-proof Democratic edge is long gone. Remember how, just two years ago, the so-called "ex- perts" were saying that the 2008 election sounded the death knell of the Republican Party? So much for the ex- perts. The Republican Party is alive and well and smashed the opposition nationwide Tuesday from the U.S. Senate and House to state governor and legislative races. The United States has always been a center-right na- tion, and while population trends are shining, it would be unwise to ever count out the moderate to conservative makeup of the large midsection of America - the so-called flyover states - even if the Republican Party isn't the largest party in terms of registration. A swing to the right by Inde- pendents on Tuesday was huge. Voters are clearly upset with the economy and with Washington's massive spending and power grab. While Tuesday's results are clearly a repudiation of what's been going on in Washington over the last two years with the Obama agenda, Republicans shouldn't~ be too cocky asthey take over the House and come close in the Senate. Voters are upset with politicians in general and with Congress in particular, and if the next two years produce more business as usual, there will be more changes made in 2012. There are fears of political gridlock in Washiington, with Congress not able to get major legislation passed as politi- cians lock horns and refuse to budge. That wo~ld spell di- saster, however, and lead to even more turnover two years from now. / Let us hope, somehow, that a spirit of bipartisanship will develop, that our elected leaders will learn the lost art . of compromise and work together with civility and thought- fulness to craft legislation,,~ That sounds like a pipe dream, but if some1 happen, our nation's government is likely to gri We're hoping for compromise but fearing st But at least now the Congress must clearly list~ p~ople, who spoke loud and clear on Tuesday. deed. hing doesn't nd to a halt. agnation. ~n to the Jery loud in- - David Peck Letters to, the editor The Lovell Chronicle welcomes letters from its readers and will make every effort to print them. Letters longer than 400 words may not be printed. Letters must be signed and include the address and telephone number of the writer. Unsigned letters will be discarded. Writers are lim- ited to two letters in any 30 day period. All letters must conform to the law of libel and be in good taste. They may be mailed to The Lovell Chronicle, Box 787, Lovell, ~ 82431, or de- livered to our office at 234 E. Main St., Lovell. A strict 1:00 p.m. Tuesday deadline will be enforced. 2818 ME@HER 2009 AWARD-WINNING NEWSPAPEI; Postmaster: Send address changes to: The Lovell Chronicle, USPS 321-060 234 E. Main, Lovell, Wyoming 82431 (307) 548-2217 Published every Thursday Periodical postage paid al Lovell, Wyoming Editor and Publisher: id Peck News Editor: Brad Devere~Lux Staff: Gladys McNeil, Pat Parmer, Dorothy Nelson, Erin Henson, Marwyn Layne, Teressa Ennis, Jason Zeller. AROUND NOTHIN'CAPTUP. S FOLKS' INTI REST THAN POLr[IC$... WEATHER PERMITTING Letters to the editor Religion in Halloween decision is appropriate Dear Editor, Question: If the day change for Halloween was actuated by re- ligion, what is wrong with that? I think Lovell is made up of mostly Christian/religious people who would agree that Halloween is not an appropriate way to keep the Sabbath day holy. And I would hazard a guess that most of your subscribers are religious people. I think they want their children to be aware of the special meaning of the Sabbath and how it fits into their Christian beliefs. Remember, this country was founded with Judeo/Christian beliefs underpinning the Consti- tution as well as the laws of the land. There has been a big effort by some in recent years trying to make religion a bad word, some- thing to be shied away from, work- ing to make the word God some- thing that can't be said in public. There has been a big effort to require schools to treat Chris- tian holidays as something that doesn't have its origin in religion, calling them winter holidays in- stead of Christmas, spring break instead of Easter, etc. Please rethink your com- ments about it making you un- easy if the change was because of religion. We as a community and as a nation will do well if we don't move away from the beliefs that make us a strong, loving commu- nity and a strong, compassionate nation. I know that I honor the re- ligious people in our community, whatever faith they are. I am glad to be numbered among them. Incidentally, I think your sug- gestion that Halloween be on the last Friday in October is an excel- lent one! That would solve all the problems. Ann Baird Lovell Let's keep the Sabbath Day holy Dear Editor, opinion on trick or treating. (Poem apologize. Keep the Sabbath Day Just thought this poem might enclosed), holy. be an appropriate answer to your ........ ' Obey the scrlpttlres and don t ::= ~'" Gerald B~inkerhoff Thank you CARES director, staff Dear Editor, here in Big Horn County to assist thy organization to receive your I am writing this letter to victims. They spend many tireless monetary donations. Thank you express my appreciation to the hours working on behalf of those Leslie and staff for all the help CARES, Inc. organization and who need help, assurance, love you have been, director Leslie Hoffman and her and encouragement. CARES Inc. Sincerely, wonderful staff. We are so fortu- provides many needed services to Corine Tilley nate to have Leslie and her staff victims and I feel it is a very wor- Hands off, the holidays, government folks Dear Editor, I totally agree with editor David Peck that moving Hallow- een trick or treating to Saturday night instead of Sunday night was strictly a religious decision. If the parents were so con- cerned about their children get- ting all sugared up on a night be- fore school, maybe they should act like responsible adults and limit the amount of candies and goodies their children eat, instead of im- posing their beliefs on the entire town; this includes you, Mr. May- or. Also, they could have had their children stay at home on Sunday night and just forget about Hal- loween this year. It is also interesting that so many religious people even cele- brate Halloween, as according to some books and folk legends, "All Saints Day" is a pagan celebration day when the souls of the depart- ed, good (ghosts) and bad (goblins) are allowed to pass into the after- world. It will also be interesting to see if these same parents will insist on Easter Sunday being moved to Saturday so their children won't get all sugared up on a day before school by gorging on jelly beans and marshmallow peeps. How about Valentine's Day? Will that be moved to Fridays only so kids can exchange their Valentines and have time to get over their sugar high from candy hearts and chocolates. I don't think so. Luckily, we don't have to wor- ry about moving Christmas, as schools are closed for vacation. All levels of government, lo- cal, state and federal, should keep their hands off of moving holiday dates. If not, soon we will be cel- ebrating the Fourth of July on the closest Monday and Christmas on the last Monday of the month of December and New Year's Eve on possibly the fifth of January. Let's move all holiday's back to their original calendar dates and no more three-day holiday weekends. After all, the country survived for years without all this political correctness garbage. Celebrating or not celebrating any holiday or commemorative day on its original day is a mat- ter of individual choice, not gov- ernments. Jim Szlemko The 'Holidaze' means too much good food It's getting to be about that time. Yep: and fat content don't count for much be- "The Holidays." Or as I prefer to term it, cause, hey: It's a holiday! And besides, "The Holidaze." we can "work it off' with the start of the And with those special days, begin- new year. Right. And the moon is made of ning with Halloween and then moving green cheese. into Thanksgiving, Christmasand the At any rate (perhaps five for a dol- New Year, comes food. Especially cook- lar), the coming feasts, snacks, treats, ies, pies and pastry, candy and other such TV nibbles and midnight meals deserve treats. Or as someone once said, "Every- to be met with exercise. One that works thing I like is either illegal, immoral or well is to sit at the dinner table, place fattening." I know about the latter, your hands on the edge of the table, ex- But first we have Halloween, which is tend your arms and push yourself away. not a holiday, but a time for reflection. Yes, My late Uncle Louie always said that he a time to look in the mirror and see that Bob could diet by eating as much as he want- we have become well fed. Perhaps too well ed, but not swallowing. He was kinda' fed. The sweet stuff notwithstanding. Rodriguez weird. As for my Halloween nights as a kid in I tried exercising the other day, be- the Linda Vista section of San Diego, I would come ginning with a headstand, which I heard was a good home with a large paper grocery bag full of candy, way to get your blood circulating. After I managed leave and head out for more. Usually stopped at three to turn upside-down (it only took four tries and I'm bags full. It's a wonder I had any teeth left. Anyway, sorry about kicking over that table), I could not see! the biggest mystery for me, until I lost some of my I had gone blind. Then I realized that my stomach na~vet~, was why the next morning all the chocolate had fallen over my eyes. So I gave up that exercise, was gone. And why my haul had shrunk to fitin one and had a snack to recover. sack. My parents always claimed innocence. Yeah, If I am possessed further to exercise, I'll just go right, for a long walk. And if it's after Thanksgiving, I~l But I digress. Because of the Holidaze, and have a turkey sandwich with stuffing and gravy to sometimes the hollandaise, we eat ,more than we replenish my energy. After all, I can work it offnext might otherwise. I mean, we figure that calories year.