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December 2, 2010     Lovell Chronicle
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December 2, 2010

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4 I The Lovell Chronicle I December 2, 2010 www. LovellChronicle.com I I alr The latest uproar about security at airports seems to be another trumped-up case of supposed citizen "outrage" ex- acerbated by cable television news channels and the Inter- net. Yes, increased security at airports is a pain in the neck, but in this day and age it's a necessary evil to deal with, well, evil. A hothead supposedly fed up with the new security pro- cedures got all of this going by recording on his cell phone his treatment at the hands of TSA officials, and that record- ing was immediately spread far and wide by the Internet. That got the cable TV news channels going - they who test the air before taking sides on an issue - and the issue grew into a tumult That led to a call for a mass protest during the Thanks- giving Holiday where travelers were supposed to refuse the new full-body scans and ask for a pat-down, which was, apparently, supposed to make a point - what kind of point we're not exactly sure. Was the idea to snarl the system and thus upset a traveling public already frustrated by en- hanced security procedures? What would that accomplish? As it turns out, the planned act of mass civil disobedi- ence was a flop. Few wanted to miss going to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving. Some have speculated that TSA suddenly sprung the new scanners and the pat-downs - used if a scanner de- tects something or a person refuses the scanner - on the traveling public, and that has led to the uproar. That's par- tially true. The pat-down procedures have changed and few probably knew it was coming, but the full-body scanners have been in the news for years. Some "outrage leaders" say the scanners are inva- sive and embarrassing, but it is unlikely that TSA workers are getting their jollies ogling the blurry, blob-like images of passengers on a scanner screen. But it still might be a good idea to invest in software - apparently available "that would display the person on the screen as a mannequin, showing only an object found on the body as a square that could be checked out further. That would probably make people feel better. As for the pat-downs, TSA needs to be more sensitive to those who have medical issues and certain devices on their bodies likely to cause embarrassment when searched, and the TSA is looking into how pat-downs are administered. But few travelers are scrutinized in this manner. The fact of the matter is that enhanced security mea- sures are here to stay, and4n that regard, the terrorists have won. But make no mistake about it. The jihadists are intent on finding new ways to cause destruction, and it is a good thing that.we have security officials trying to catch them in the act, even if it is a frequently maddening pro- cess. Frankly, some kind of profiling would be much better, but that's unlikely to happen in this day and age. The days of traveling ease are long gone, and this writ- er would rather have his pudgy 50-year-old body scanned than to be blown to bits in the sky. One area resident put it wisely in a letter to Fox News: "I have been patted down now for almost 10 years when I have flown. That is because I am wheelchair bound. Do I mind the pat-downs? No, I could use another method of travel, but since I choose to fly, that is the price that I must pay. "Do I feel that my privacy is invaded? No. The people who have done the pat-downs are always courteous and professional and very kind. I have never had anyone treat me with disrespect or touch me in an inappropriate manner. "I am glad that they check me. Just because you are old and in a wheelchair does not mean that you could not do harm. I.would be exactly the kind of person that a ter- rorist would want to use. I would rather have 10 pat-downs rather than be blown apart in the sky because someone was offended at having this procedure done. I want to ar- rive alive. "Been there, done that, and will do it again." She said it well. --David Peck 28t8 MEMSE~ 2009 AWARD-WINNING NEWSPAPER Postmaster: Send address changes to: The Lovell Chronicle, USPS 321-060 234 E. Main, Lovell, Wyoming 82431 (307) 548-2217 Published every Thursday Periodical postage paid at Lovell, Wyoming Editor and Publisher: David Peck News Editor: Brad Devereaux SUBSCRIPTION :RATES Staff: Gladys McNeil, Pat Parmer, In:Big Horn and Park Counties Dorothy Nelson, Erin Henson, $25 :In Wyoming $35 Marwyn Layne, Teressa Ennis, - Outside Wyoming $40 Jason Zeller, Cheryl Jolley. Single copy 75 ACCORDING TOTHI$ GENEALOGY SITE, MY GREAT- GRANDFATHER WAS "A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR, DEALIHG IN I QUlHE ASSETS..." "BECAUSE OF HIS WORK, HI5 WAS MEHTIOHED FREQUENTLY Iit THE PRESS AND RECEIVED MUCH OFFICIAL ATTENTION ..." "HE PASSEl> AWAY ATA CIVIC EVEHT, WHEH THE PLATFORM THAT HE WAS STANDIHG OH SUDI>EHLY CO " I11 OTHER WORDS, HE WAS HANGED As A HORSETHIEF! Letters to the editor Dear Editor, in history, ers did not custom-build it for only You are all familiar with The most impressive elementa particular time in history; it was America's founding documents, of the Founders' philosophy is the built to fit the requirements ofhu- that is, the Constitution and that fact that their precepts are exact- man nature. These do not change. great document which has been ly what America needs today. It is What protected the freedoms of called the Spirit of the Constitu- alarming to think of the billions George Washington will protect tion: the Declaration of Indepen- of dollars which are being spent freedom for you and me. dence, each year trying to solve problems In the coming weeks, learn In order to more fully appreci- by methods, which the founderssome of the principles of liberty, ate the foundation of our nation, knew were fallacious, espoused by our Founders, which it is helpful to become acquaint- Though we have traveled farset this land on a path to great- ed with the founders' philosophy from the Constitution, people who ness. - the way the founders viewed the are wise realize that the Constitu- To be continued... world and understood their place tion is not out of date. The Found- Joyce Collins Dear Editor, Catholic, Christian, and satanic of Halloween or Fall Festival Halloween has always been rituals and rites. It seems you can party at school and the kids still an interesting topic in Christian celebrate Halloween any way you get sugared up. Teachers always circles. I would like to point out desire. In our society, Halloween complain about tired or hyper a few things if we are going to has changed to simply being a fun kids the next day at school, yet start messing with moving holi- day for kids to dress in costumes none of them have the guts to say days around, whether they are and collect candy in a variety of enough is enough. Several orga- pagan, Christian or otherwise. If interesting ways, and have par- nizations in Lovell had parties on you are going to change Hallow- ties at school. I see nothing pagan Friday. When Halloween falls on een around because of the "Sab- or satanic about that. a weekend, it actually becomes a bath" then you need to realize that For those who live by the two-day celebration in our soci- there are millions of Seventh-day fourth commandment as it readsety. Sabbath keepers, which includes in the Bible, the seventh day of Whether it's Halloween, or Seventh-day Baptists, Messian- the week is Sabbath and is a holy Christmas displays, or pray- ics, and Seventh-day Adventists, day. For those who live by early ing in public places, every time who probably wouldn't agree with church tradition and feel the first our Christian religious toes get Halloween celebrated on Friday day of the week is a holy day, then stepped on we claim with righ- evening or Saturday. you need to be sure to keep it holy teous indignation to be a Chris- According to the Bible, each all the time and not just when it tian nation, therefore we should day actually begins at sunset, suits you. If you are going to keep stand up for our Christian rights. Read Genesis - that's the way the Sabbath holy, then I'd like to I'm sorry, but we are no longer a God set up each day. The seventh- add that going shopping or going Christian nation and it's because day Sabbath begins on Friday eve- to work is also inappropriate (read of our wonderful Constitution. We ning for all seventh-day Sabbath the entire fourth commandment became a melting pot of every ha- keepers. By the same token, when from the Bible, not from a sign on tionality, every culture and every Sunday evening comes around, it a church yard) as is spending time religion on the face of the earth. is a new day as far as the Bible at the bars, or going out to eat af- Whoever lives in our country is al- is concerned, and Sunday is over. ter church, yet merchants and lowed religious freedom, and that (The seventh-day Sabbath is over bars and restaurants are open on includes the right to not believe when the sun sets on Saturday Sundays around here. anything. evening.) If changing Halloween If Halloween isn't appropriateWhen we start yelling and celebrations for religious reasons for Sunday, then it probably isn't screaming for our country to be is going to happen, then be careful appropriate for any other day, ei- Christian again, we are stomping which day you change it to. Fri- ther. If one feels Halloween is a on the religious toes of our neigh- day is a holy day for Muslims, and pagan celebration, with pagan bors and taking away their free- Buddhists worship any day they roots, then why are Christiansdoms. The bottom line is this: ev- feel like worshipping, celebrating it at all, regardless ery man, woman, and child in this For the sake of religion, no what day it falls on? If a celebra- country has the right to celebrate day is a good day for Halloween, tion, regardless Of its origin, is of- their religion. They also have the unless you truly believe it is a fensive to anyone, don't celebrate right not to. Our Constitution was holy day, which certain groups do. it. If Halloween was moved this based on religious freedom so that Abolishing Halloween is stepping year to a different day because a government could never force on religious toes for those groups, of a school day, then David Peck religious beliefs on anyone again. Do you see what is wrong with was correct: it should not be cel- If you don't agree with the cel- messing with any "holy" day? If, on ebrated on any other day either ebration, don't celebrate it. If you the other hand, Halloween is not because of its interference with a want to celebrate something you considered a pagan celebration by school day. Besides, it should be feel is Christian, then have the some, then what was wrong with the parents' decision to keep their guts to stand up for your rights, kids walking around town wear- children home on a school night if but at the same time, you must re- ing costumes on Sunday evening they don't want tired kids, or hy- spect others' rights also. We made and collecting candy? per kids attending school the next our nation a melting pot. How we Get on the Internet and look day, and not the decision of a city all get along with our differences up the origins of Halloween, and official or church leader, is the true test of Christianity. you'll find a melting pot of pagan, Most schools have some kind Anita Mayes 78:7, Lovel!; WY 82431, or delivered to our office at234 E. Main St., Love& A strict 1:00 p.m. Tuesday deadline will be enforced. t