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December 24, 2009     Lovell Chronicle
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December 24, 2009

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www.LovellChronicle.com December 24, 2009 I The Lovell Chronicle Santa Section I 3 Christmas s... Joy, family, Jesu, God, tree, do good. Cruz Garcia Christmas ]s ... Family, love, stockings, santa, bells, Holy Spirit. Macie Muller Christmas is... Love, family, gingerbread, bells, tree, Holy spirit. Rylee Barbosa Christmas is... Jesus, family, loveing, presents, heaven, lights. Marissa Romero Christmas is... Love, family, snow, santa, Jeus, tree. Brooklyn Walker Christmas is... Family, love, Santa, joy, tree, lights. Trevor Johnson Christmas is... Family, loveing, Christmas, Santa, presents, holy. Emma Mickelson Christmas is... Lovely, frindly, joy, cookies, Santa, heaven. CJ Picket Christmas is... Family, fres, Santa, love, bells, cookies. Reagan Marchant Christmas is... Hohspirit, Bells, Santa, elves, love, joy. Destiny Borden Christmas is ... Holy Spirits, bells, milk, cookies, toy, freus. Stormi Lyn Love Christmas is ... Friends, loveing, family, snow, Mrs. Geiser. Quenten D. Rodriguez Christmas is ... Tree, familys, toys, love, elves, snowman. Ezra Harlow Christmas is... Tree, snowman, bells, Santa, elves. Anthony DeFuentes Christmas is ... Toys, presents, joy, freinds, rein- deer, tree. Jacob Mangus Christmas is... Santa, snowmen, toys, God, Jesus, ioyful. galem Joy Christmas is ... Candy canes, family, friends, joy, presents, nauty or nice, Santa. Chad Lindsay ) / 0 Macie Muller LES Ist grade Dear Santa, I would like a toy hares, wii, and a dsL What isor favocite,aindeer? Do ’0d lik my gratdfag cok- ies? Blake Knop • Hannah Cruz Dear Santa, A Hunting game for a X box 260. A power leep to go outside. And some toy farm animals. Mery Christmas. Kevin Marchant • Dawson Wood Dear Santa, What I want for Chrisas is a Nintendo DS with Nintendo DS games. And playstontan 2 with playstontion 2 games. Santa what does riandeer look like? What does elvs look like? Salome Delacruz • Logan Nunn Dear Santa, I want a roller coaster, a car, and a little airplane. How are you do- ing? Are you going to bring me presents. How is your work going? Is it fun on the sleigh? Spencer Hewitt • Antonio Garza Dear Santa, I would like a vido game, lods of book, a priz like a choo choo train. I would like to know what the reindeer look like? How do you fly? Thank you santa and Marry Crismas. Thomas Stokes • Siobhan D. Myers Dear Santa, This year I want makeup and musical bunkbed. The last thing I want is a baby doll. How are all the reindeer? What do you want me to give you when you come? Ashtyn Harris • Madison Hettinger Dear Santa, I wanta cat, And Barbie dolls, and a video game. I'll leave you a little cookie, and some milk. I've been a really good girl this year. Could I see Rudolph the red nose reindeer? Olivia Davis • Lauralan Banks Dear Santa, For chrismas I want a bike that never gets flat and make up and Nitendo ds colerd pink. How many reindeer do you have and what are tiler names. How many Dr. shots did you get? How do you ride a reindeer? Alma Delacruz • Kane Padilla Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is a ipod because I want to put Hanah montaina songs on it. I would ab- brecate it if you can get me a new puppy. If you culd bring me a new doll. Chevelle ]olley • Madison Brvson Dear Santa, :  What are you doing today? I want a supper Nintendo, bebe gun and a neff dart gun. Will you bring them please? Mason Keele • Brady Thompson Dear Santa, I want a Ipod and Hana Mon- tana close that are red and Hanna Montana whig. Do you like coklet chip cookeys? What dus Roodof the red nows randeer look like? How do you mak the randeer flay. Paige Schultz • Kara Mickelson Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is make-up. I also want a Musical buckbed. The last thing I want is earings. How is Rudoph? Well it was nice talking to you bye. Serrenity Zingelwicz • Sable AngeU Dear Santa, I would like an X-box 360. I would also like a Nintendo DS. The last thing I want are puzzils. How are you doing? How is Prancer and Rudolph? Dominick Cogswell • Brent Snyder € Tristan Johnson Dear Santa, I would like a tractor, a mp3 play- er and a pear of gloves and a hat. How are the reindeer. Is Rudolph doing good? I hope I get some good presents. Brodin Lockner • Dalton Nixon Dear Santa, I would like a Barbie doll, jewelry box, and clothes for my build a bear. What do the elves look like? Do you like my grandma's choco- late chip cookies? Have a Merry Christmas! Kortni Roth • Emily Roth Dear Santa, What do the ells look like? For Christmas I want a Nintendo DS. Also I would like a Xbox 360. How do you fly your reindeers? The last present I want is a small Detroit lions Stafford Jersey. Seth Harvey • Colton Christie Dear Santana, I want a mp3 player. I want a su- per Nintendo. I want a now borad. Santana do you like cookies? Carlos Garcia • Tanner Brinklow We're ve. grateful to you for your support and look forward to serving you again next year The crew at NEPECO Dear Santa, I would like a toy gun that makes sounds. Aaron Brimhall Dear Santa, I would like a bulldozer and a semitruck and a dump truck with brakes. Hunter Riding Dear Santa, I would like ice skates! Staysha Herren Dear Santa, I would like a new saddle pad for Chubby's back. (Chubby is a horse). Dusty Willis Dear Santa, I would like a car that can go re- ally fast! Kysar ]olley Dear Santa, I would like a computer and a real motorcycle. Kelden Boettcher Dear Santa, I would like a gun with 2 holes so 2 bullets can come out. Cale Frost Dear Santa, I want a motorcycle that goes re- ally fast! Brady Fossen Dear Santa, I want Iron Man! Colton Seitz Dear Santa, I want a microphone. Raegyn Rusch Dear Santa, I want a blue teddy bear. Kalian Jones Dear Santa, I want a cowboy gun. Nathan Fuller Dear Santa, I want make up! Abbi Hamilton Dear Santa, I would like a Barbie car. Muddle Hedges Dear Santa, I want a red toy tractor. Russell Crosb 7 Dear Santa, I want my own real make up that a kid can do. Sarahgrace Miller Dear Santa, I want a dolly and jewelry. Thank you. Kaitey Christensen Dear Santa, I would like a diesel train Evan Skyberg Dear Santa, I want a WII! Ben Simmons Dear Santa, I want a guy toy that dances. Eric Gonzales Dear Santa, I want a game computer and 3 Barbies. Alexis Layne Dear Santa, I want a car, a Barbie Doll and a house for Sadie. Addy Rose Admidin Dear Santa, I want a gun with bullets to shoot animals. Mason McCollam Dear Santa, I want a square throwing thing that shoots up on the roof. Seth Dannar Dear Santa, I want a filler to drive. Nathan Minemyer Dear Santa, I want a motorcycle that goes on the road and a remote control airplane. Joshua Gurrola Dear Santa, I want a computer and Nintendo DS. Jamalee Hernandez Dear Santa, I want a Mickey Mouse Choo train and a computer. Andrew Dannar Dear Santa, I want a green train. Kyler Calvert Dear Santa, I want a Santa Claus hat and a Barbie shop. Addle Henson Dear Santa, I want a hat and a bull rider. Kooper Pierce 14 iiiiiii iiii?i00iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iil i iiii00iiiiiiiliiiii!!iii00iiiiiiii!iiiiiiiii Dear Santa, I've been a good girl here latty. I would like for Christmas is a jump rope, a Barbie doll, and a horse chapter book. Courtney .Stokes. Kincaid lohn -. , ' ston Dear Santa, How is it goweg at the North pole? Pleas can I have a puppy. Pleas can I have a cow and a houres to. Robert Drake Davis • Dalten Bond Dear Santa, Is Rudolph really real? May I have a toy laptop, super powers and GI Joe toy. Evan Toner • Will Lillard Dear Santa, How is the North pole? How are the raindeer? May I have some Barbies and Barbie clothes. Can I please have a hamster. Can I please have a DS game called lit- tlest Pet Shop Friends. Kailei Fink • Kaylee Englert Dear Santa, Wood Rudolfph like a carit. Wood you call me. My phone nomber is 548-XXXX. For Christ- mas I want a basit hond dog. Also I want an new Octimsprin trans- former. Please bring me an I pod toch also. Ethan Nixon • Mikkel Mclntosh Dear Santa, Is Rudolph reall? For Chirstmas may I please have a nintido DS, a cammra, Strawberry Shortcake doll. Sage Angell • Larissa Tippetts Dear Santa, Do you really igzest? I have been good. Can I please have a skate- board, money, mashion, Ipod touch. Does your belly really wigh 2000? Write back. Aden Mayes • Kyle Wolvington Dear Santa, How has Rudolf been doing. Please may I have a Nintendo, a care bear and white and fluffy cat. I have been good this year. Amaya Davila • Kendal Rasmussen Dear Santa, How are your randere doing? Duse Misis Santa dos rile make you hot clolite. I would like some intendo games. I would also like a plastick crown. One more thing, a stuffedt zebra. Shauntalei White • Jeremy Schneider Dear Santa, I've been a good grle. I want a horse and a hampstr and a skat- bord plese. Taylor Wolsey Dear Santa, How is Rudolf and the other ran dears. Can I please have a psp with a lot of games and a book that comes with it? Can I please have a car? Please can I have the three toys. Alex Martinez • Aspen Davis Dear Santa, I wont a real rocet, and a PSP, and a X Box 360. I have been good because I have helped my mom cook. Kane Ferguson • Quinton Hetland Dear Santa, I was good during the summer because I helped my brother when he falls down. I would like a pink natando D.S. and a toy for my cat. I would also like a baby doll with does and all of the baby stoff. That is all the stoff for chrishmas. Dakota Watts • Tameka ]ones Dear Santa, I have been good this year. Will you bring me DSI. I would link some lipstick and my lips. Can you bring me some candy? Cierra Sessions Dear Santa, I found my moms five doller bill. I gav it back. Dear Santa can I ple- asse have a d.s. and a litl Petshop game. I want a puppie. Thank you. Cardon Mickelson • Hannah Sawaya Dear Santa, Do you rilly hav a brother? I want a baby alive all better please. And a real brown hamster. Santa please get me a camera. What do you feed Rudolf. Do you have magic? How do you make magic? Cambree Miller • Pepper Lewis Dear Santa, I've ben really good! May I please have an air bockugon, and a darkus bockugon. May my family please have stockings tool Caleb Robertson • lessica Caldwell Dear Santa, How are your Raindeer? Are there many animals were you live? For Christmas can I please have a pink tea-set. Please can it not be glass, and can it come with real sugar and real tea. Can it it come with pink silver wear and tea cups and pink bowls, also plates. A cupcake maker, a unicorn with roller skates and a backpack. Please can I have a new flower dress and some jewrey and makeup. KayCee Twitchell • Mandi ]o Baxendale Have the sweetest Christmas ever! Here's wishing all of your best wishes come true this holiday season! Merry Christmas to all Murphey's Dollar Store and the Murphey family i In this season of 1 wonder, we wish you a l , multitude of blessings. I 1 Hashell Funeral l Home ) from North Big Horn Senior Center Staff and North Big Horn Senior Service District It i . Bi00.omREA Walker's Servicenter Lewis & Joan, Greg & Gwen, Mike, Missey Weston, Jill, Stacy, Christy & Wade, Chris & Katie 6reetinqs May you enjoy a wonderful holiday with family and friends. We're very grateful to you for your support.