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December 24, 2009     Lovell Chronicle
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December 24, 2009

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www.LovellChronicle.com December 24, 2009 I The Lovell Chronicle Santa Section I 7 Dear Dr. Clause, I was thinking about Christmas and I was hoping for a dirtbike or a 20 doller wii game Lego Starwars for my grandmas wii. So hows it going? How is Rodolf, Pranncer Bitzen, and Commet. By the way, if you were waching my sister Savanna she needs new lps's. "[he reson she needs ones is because my nephew drew all over the with permenent marker. Thanke you for all the things you do for us. Mat Savage Dear Santa, I am going to ask you some ques- tins. What is your favorite cookie? How is everyone at the North Pole? Santa, how small are the elfs? How many cookies can you eat in one night? Who is your favorite raindeer? How is Mrs. Claus? How many elfs do you have? This is what I want a Alvin and the chipmunks movie. I want a High school musical 1, 2, and 3 cds. I want a magic eight ball and Hanna Montana the movie. I wish I could have five ]ones brother concert tickets. One for me and two for my friends and two for my sister and one of her friends. I want another dog so Maggie can play with a dog. Thank you for the gifts last year. Karlee Burton Dear Santa, How are you doing? I want a Red line bmx whith Monster sines. Then I want a new pro skateboard from zoomies and the old Little big planet for ps3. Kaelan Snell Dear Santa, How are your doing? I want a sil- Ver Nintendo DS and a monster trck raceing for it and a skate- board, and a lava lamp. Thank you for all the gifts! Chris Lopez Dear Santa Claus, Hi, How are the reindeer doing? How are you doing? How is Mrs. Claus doing? How many cook- ies do you eat every night. Do you have a hard time carrying that big bag of toys? How do you fit through the chimny? What I want for Cristmas is a wii. A new try- bot but not the same one you got me last year. And a Xbox 360. Evan Habeck Dear kris, All I want for Christmas is a nearf gun (the newest) Hot wheels, and my cousin to get better. I have a lot of questions. Where were you born? Do you really give coal to bad boys and girls? Where did the cookies go when you were young? How many ells do you have? How many cookies have you ate? Have you ever had a brownie and ice cream left out for you? Do you ever lose weight? Do you like car- rots? P.S. Please answer my ques- tions. Hunter Steenbakkers Dear Santa, What I would like for Christmas is ... a lot of Scooby doo mov- ies. I love Scooby doo movie. But we don't have a lot. Other things is all the Halloween town mov- ies, pet groom for D.S., Wisrds of Wafrly Place the movie and what ever you bring me. What is your favorite color? Whats one of the elf's name? How do you eat all the cookies? How are you and Mrs. Claus? Do the rein deer like reindeer food? How was your year? Were did you get the rein deer? Santa does Mrs. Claus have a baby? If you have a kid what's its name? How many elfs are there? What's the most prettiest tree you every saw? Trecelle Jolley Dear Santa, How are the ells, and rain deer. I hope the are alright. Thanks for my bike and havicely. My morn is going to make some really good cookies this year. Speaking of cookies, what your favorite? This year I would really like arc x-3, radio control stunt car, and a few psp games. The one that I want is Little Big Planet for my psp. That is prety much all. Oh ya, what would the raindeer like to eat corn or cereal etherone. Say hi to Mrs. Claus for me. Mikel Dear Mr. + Mrs. Claus, What I would like for Christ- mas is a pink and gray kichen set, with a Christmas chapter book, a Micky mouse 25 day till Christ- mas movie, and what ever you bring and a Sellena picter. Santa, is Mrs. Claus pregnut? How is it up at the north pole? Is Roodoff okay? What kind of cookie do you like? Thank you for all the thing given me. Oh say hi to Mrs. Claus. Brianna Chambers Dear Santa, Can I ask you some questions? OK! Santa where did you get your reindeer? Where did you find your elves? Whats your favorite type of cookie? Do you like hot coca? Do you have 1 or 2 Chris- mas trees? Can I have an Appa- loosa horse for Chrismas? So can I have a girl puppy? Can I have 100 presants or more? Have I been naughty? Now I'm going to tell you what my tree looks like! It's small and green with pink shiny designs with a silver neglace thing wrapped around it. I hope you have a great Chrismas. Tylee Bassett Dear Santa, How are you? I want a X-box-360 the game assincreed and the game bolivien. Trysten Wilson Dear Santa, How are you and Mrs. Claus doing? How do raindeer fly for you? It is so hard to think how raindeer fly well I have only seen you for nine years. I love Chris- mas and you so my favorite colors and red, green, blue. I never say I hate Christmas well I will tell you what I want for Christmas. I want a big doll house, and lots of barbes, a Ipod, a lot of home work to do, and one million dollers so I can have lots and lots of minots to call family so they can know where I am going, lots of gold money, 10,000 dollers, and four more things okay, my own build- ing stuff, so I can finish my tree house, and a little magice so I can be a porfeshenall builder and a lot of grass in my yard and get rit of the dirt hill please santa claus. A jolly Christmas lover girl. Alexis Delacruz Dear Mr. C. How are the raindeer and Mrs. C doing? Can you asck the elfs if there hands bert? If they do tell them to put Neospornin on there hands. Mr. C how many cook- ies have you ate? What are the raindeer's favorite food. For this year's crismas list here are same things I wood like cooking pots, a trampolin, pickerframs, artsplis, a lot of paper, organizing stuff, a bookslelp, axbox360 and a puppy that is brown or yellow. Katrina Twitchell Dear Santa, How are you? For Chistmas I want a Hannah Montana PSP with her autograph on it. I want it because I love Hannah Mon- tana and I want a PSP so bad. I was wondering, how can your reindeer fly? Does Mrs. Clause have a baby because in this Salata movie Mrs. Clause had a baby, it was a boy and he looked so cute! I also want a DSI too. I want that ,:: :: i !i      *   i;;i l 'i i  ........................   /3 'iii%%" " ii iiii ,i iiy :i i iiliiiii%T !iii!T!ti%,l:'i:%! ........................ I : fi ": I:  ' :: :: @ :::::' i:::::;::::..i.  " : ....... !i .... " " : : i " ' : :  : ::: ::::: : :::::::: i::::: ::::,:: :::::: ........  ............................ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ................... : Dear Santa Claus, "paank you for the presents I got last year. This is what I want for Christmas this year. I want Hannah Montana makeup and a country guitar. How do you fly with your sleigh? How is it up in the North Pole - fun? This is what I realy want for Christmas - to have fun. Have a happy Christmas. Write back. ' MaKaila t Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents from last year. This year can I please have Petz puppy and kit- ten nursery the DS game. I also want a little airplane labtop. Can I also have my own Club engliMebershrp. l'also want Rudolph as littest pet shop. Lag can I have a littlest pet shop bunny for online? How many elves do you have? Can you tell your reindeer that I will leave them treats and the dogs won't hurt them? When you go inside my house you will see a bag of cookies and a glass of milk. Hope you get everywhere you need. Please write back if you can. Dusty Dear Santa Claus, How are you doing? Can I please have a MP3 player and a cowboy hat? What does Mrs. Claus do to help you? Write back. loey Dear Santa, How are you? I hope Comet isn't giving you a rough time. Good thing you have Rudolf. The storms are getting bad. I have something to ask you when you're done could you tell me how many presents you deliver? Can I pleas, pleas, pleas!! have one of Comet's bells? Could I have a laser too? Could I have a wii please! With 4 controllers. And super smash brawlers. Could I have transfomers 1 and 2, a couple )ugs of egg hog, Pokemon 2,000 the movie and last but not least an Air Hogs helicopter? Write back. Jesse Dear Santa Claus, I would like you, Rudolph, and Blitsen to de- liver me an Eye clops and $206. Also can I have a cricket gun? That's all I want for Christmas. Have a Happy New Year. lett Winland Dear Santa Claus, What kind of work did you do this December? Thank you for the Air Hog last year. It was re- ally great but it broke. I would LOVE a BB gun. I would also like a Raider CS-25. I would really want a scooter. My family and I REALLY want a Wii! I would like two more controllers for my Xbox 360. Write back. ....... Sner Dear Santa, - ,, , I wonder what those kids in my class want. Well I don't want much. All I want is a punch- ing bag to let my anger out. The next thing I want is Mario Cart on Wii and a toy gun. Kyle Rylee Barbosa. LES 1st grade Dear Santa, Thanks for toys - last year presents. This year for Christmas I would like an Mp3 player and if you could I would also like a DS and a game to play on it. How are you doing at the North Pole? How are the reindeer doing? I hope they are doing well. Haler Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents last year. Could I have a little portable laptop, a regular IPOD, an MP3, and a toy horse from Lintons? Can I have a bell offyour sleigh? How are you and your elves doing? Merry Christmas and Happy New Yead, Please writo back .....  - ...... :. Melynda Dear Santa, Good thing you have Rudolph with that bright nose so you can see at night. For Christmas I want a new lizzard tank because my lizzard tank lid is too big. I also hope I get an electric guitar for Christmas. One of the things I want the most is a long shot cs-6 nerf gun. I hope you have a very good trip home. What is your favorite kind of cookie? Travis Dear Santa, Thank you for last year's presents. Can you leave me a bell from your sleigh? This year can you get me a pony, a DSI, and can I have some more horses from Lintons? Santa how are your reindeer doing? Santa you are the best. You and your reindeer have a happy Christmas. Write back. Tori Dear Santa Claus, I hope your reindeer have a very good day and night. I hope Rudolph is ok because I don't want him to be sick. I'll have a bird from Pay- cbek and I want some more Wii games please, als0 a toy. It has four or five dogs and one al- redy has a leash on it. It has a doll with it. Alyssa " "*: " t  '   J :! * ; ':':: i:; ;;;  ; i:  '  !'          i i i    / ilii!i]i !::;;i::i;ii :::::::::::::::::::::::: i;::;i;::;::;::;::ii : i!Ji!!i;::i;i::::::i;:'3! ii ;i i::;::ii::;::::;ii::::i:::::::;::: ::i::i:: i:: :: :: i :::: ;i ::i:: ili!i!:: :ii::!::::;:, t    !!  i  "  .........  ........ ..... " ........  .....  ::: ..... :::::: ::  :: :: :: :::::::::::: ::":: :::::::: :::: ::::::::::::::::::::::: :::: !::::::   :::::: :::: :: :: :::::::::: Iii::i::i!iiiiiii::ii;ii::iiiiiiiiiii!!iiii::iiiiiii:;iii!::iiiiii :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Dear Santa, Can I have an ?pod for Christmas and a princess with eight dresses? But I want an ?pod to have Christ- mas music. Can I have a real kit- ten and a real puppy too. Kera Lynn Wilkerson Dear Santa, How are the elves doing today? Are they happy? Can I meet you in person Santa? Can you make me a little dollhoues with little dolls? I love the toys you make to give for presents. Thank you so much for everything Santa. Sage Mickelson Dear Santa Claws, How are you? I want a motor- bike, a motorscooter, a puppy, a telesope and a Bible. I want a mo- torbike so I don't have to walk. I want a motorscooter because they are fun. I want a puppy because they are friendly. I want a telesope because you can look at space and last, I want a Bible because I'd like one. That is what I would like for Christmas. Merry Christmas. Maggie Cruz Dear Santa Claus, How are the reindeer? Also how is your family? For Christmas I would like a stuffed toy. I would also an Easy Bake oven. I would like Pets Cat Fashion. I would like a couple of dog toys and dog treats. I would like a cat with a purple ribbon around its neck. And that is all. Before I say good- bye I wonder how are the elves do- ing? I can't wait til you get here. I wonder what your favorite food is. How is your wife this Christmas? Jade Minchow Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? Do you feed them every day? I like your reindeer in good shape for flying. I want a Dalmation, wii sport re- sort, and a skatebard for Christ- mas. That is what I want for Chrt- stmas. Zachary Abraham Dear Santa, How are you and the rest of your gang? I've been wondering. I have been having a fabulous time. I am very excited for January first. My mom will have a baby. Lately I have had the best year of my life, except for the first day ofgymtics. That was the day I broke my dav- icle. I have had a lot of bad days. Anyway let's hop to it. Here are the things I wish I would get for Christmas. I would a new trampo- line, a kitten, a playstation three, a nintento DS, an ipod, a tele- scope, a puppy, a fish, a scooter, a fore-weeler, a snow mobile, a cell phone, a toy soldier, a bedroom of my own, a leapster, a game boy and a great year. I hope you have a great holiday. Grace Edwards Dear Santa, Have the reindeer added another reindeer to the team? I hope you like chocolate chip cookies. That is what I'm leaving you on Christ- mas Eve. This year I want a tele- scope so I can see saturn's rings. Merry Christmas! Calvin Mickelson Dear Santa Claus, I want a kitten for Christmas that has white fur and it is so little. Kittens are my favorite pets. Please get me one. Faith Wagner Dear Santa, How are your reindeer doing? Tell all of your reindeer and Mrs. Claus I said hi. For Christmas I would like a Voyager, playstation 3 or Xbox 360 that comes with NCAA football 2010, Call Duty World at war, NBA 2010 and a new Cabelas hunting game. That's all I want for Christmas. Please write back. I also want Texas Longhorns clothing -two hats and four shirts. Ross Padilla Dear Santa, What's happening at the North Pole? Does Mrs. Claus have a baby yet? I hope you write back soon. What happened to the reindeer? And at night I can't hear the bells. For Christmas I want a Nintendo Ds and more wii games. How's Mrs. Claus doing? Talon Grant Dear Santa, Hey Santa! I bet you are dong good up there. How are you and the elves doing? Speaking of elves, I am an elfin the Christmas play. How about you come the fifteenth of December to the Hyart at 7:00. May I have a Nintendo D.S. game Fashion Dogs Pets and a surprise? Paie Bischoff Dear Santa, Will you please give me a Playsta- tion 3 with two games and a TV for my room and a new bed? How are your reindeer doing? Are they sick or alright? Daniel Luna Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? "Are they almost ready for Christmas." Ka- tie (my dog) and I have a list of things that we want. I will show my mom, then she will tell you. Oh yeah. Merry Christmas to you! ]ustan Angal Dear Santa Claus, How is everyone doing up at the North Pole? I hope they are doing perfect. We decorated our Christ- mas tree on Monday (November 30th). It looks amazing! Did you know Christmas is my favorite time of year? For Christmas this year, I want a stack of chapter books, a scarf, a hat, a pair of gloves and an orange doll house. I want an orange doll house because orange is my favorite color. Merry Christmas Santa Claus! Alea Catherine Mayes Dear Saint Nick, How are the elves doing? All I want for Christmas is a Molly the Moose with 3 new outfits and a zoo game to play on my DSI. I want you to put 3 songs in my Molly the Moose too. Ivy Hope Ann Mickelson Dear Santa, How are your reindeer this year? I was wondering if you would give me a trampoline, a new skate- board, an Xbox 360 and a play station 3 and last of all couple of treats for my puppy and maybe a present or two for my puppy. I'll leave you some carots for your reindeer and some cookies for you. Ethan Price because it is cool. How is Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rul- dolph? How is your elves? I always wish to go to the North Pole and see you, the elves, the workers, and your reindeers. How many elves do you have? How many cookies have you ate? How can you eat all the cookies? How can you keep warm? Next year I will write you another letter if I can. Andrea Monterde Dear Santa, How are you and Mrs. Claus? I want a snuggly for Christmas. I want a Snuggly because we don't have many blankets and I can't read when I am cold. Do the reindeer every get sick? Are you working the elvs out or are they doing all right? Do the elves work a lot? I want a puppy too cause I only have a cat? Do you put up'a big Christmas tree or small? Is the north pole big? How is rodolph doing? Makenna Adey Dear Santa, How are the Elves doing? "Ibis is what I want for Christmas A ping pong tabl, bmx haro bike, psp, dsi, hex bug, lazer hamec hely. t home for my ?pod. How are your rain deer. A cupl more thngs a pet geny pig or two pet tutls. Kaleb S. Dear Santa, How are the raindeer and ells? How many cookies have you ate? How can you eat a lot o cookies and not get sick? Have you gone to the dinosor musim in Ther- moples? How bright is rudealf's nose? How many elfs do you have? How big is your slay? Is your bag of toys to good girls and boys tall as a nose down B-17? This year I only want 4 toys. I want the nerf blaster with the highest dart cups as?t, a big toy B-17 and a big air- craft cairer, crismass is my favoret Holiday. I like teater toys. Isaac Baird ".  o. Lovell Chiropractic  2o3 Park Ave., Love# from everyone at The Western Sugar Cooperative ". v.v. H AVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS from Dr. Richard Jones, Debbie and Robin at Family Vision